Pursteam Mop Cleaner Thermapro Review : Pros, Cons And Features

Pursteam Mop Cleaner Thermapro Review : Pros, Cons And Features

Looking for the best deep steam cleaner mops 2019? Read out this post for best steam mop black friday 2019 before making any purchase.

I ordered this steam mop cleaner before a week and found it quite interesting and useful. Personally, I always think that a steam mop does not work as good as wet mop but the result is amazing. Like if you are someone who has a lot of dirt and grime on some complicated places then this deep clean steam mop works really good.

More than just an electric steam mop review, let’s give a twist and make it more of a guide.


What the product claims?

So, everything depends upon the components and this steam mop has pretty good premium quality components. The product claims that it literally cleaning everything and with the help of thermapro 10-in-1 steam mop cleaning becomes easier. Yes, it does clean and makes the home fresh than before. It cleans more with its in-built handheld steam cleanser. 

Works well as floor steam mop, carpet cleaner, steam cleaner, handheld garment steamer window mirror and glass cleaner. These are basically the components of this steam mop. 


Provides Sanitation- It provides 99.99% sanitation with no harsh chemicals. Good thing is its super heated steam is ready in 30 seconds. Keeps your loved ones safe and soft. This is one of the best steam mop black Friday 2019 for tile and cleaning. Leaves the floor clean and smell-free. Although, it also has special surface scrubber, providing versatile cleaning from Top to Bottom. Ideal for Glass, Sealed Stone, Stainless Steel, and Sealed Tile/Grout.

Comes up with 3 adjustable modes that helps to adjust the mop’s steam level according to the requirement. It preserves the finishing of hardwood floors finishing. The steam cleaner ‘s 340ml / 11.5Oz reservoir is good for 20-25 minutes of steaming on the lowest setting, or half of that on the maximum setting. This is one of the top rated steam mops available, and surely the best floor steamer.

Also, this steam mop claims FREE REPLACEMENT POLICY without any cost for 2 years.


Detailing and Product Specifications

  • Tank: 11.5 ounces
  • Pads: Teflon, two included
  • Settings: Variable steam control, on-off switch
  • Pause function: No
  • Extra features: Hand-held capability
  • Power cord: 20 feet
  • Size: 24 x 9.6 x 8 inches
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Warranty: Two years

Pros and Cons For Steam Mop Cleaner

Pros For Steam Mop Cleaner

  1. This steam mop has thermapro 10-in-1 steam mop option to save your time and energy. There are around 9 accessories and attachments come with it. 
  2. Even on the vinyl floors it works really well.
  3. This is probably the best hardwood floor steam as it freshens the carpets also.
  4. It has a detachable handheld unit that could also be used as a steam cleaner, garment steamer, mirror and much more. Isn’t it amazing?
  5. Germs are everywhere and if you are a mom like me then they bothers you even more. This steam mop leaves your home fresh and tidy without interference of chemicals.
  6. Machine keeps ready in just 30 seconds.
  7. This is one of the best carpet cleaner for pets and kids safe as well.

Cons For Steam Mop Cleaner

  1. The power cords need to be longer.
  2. More clear and precise instruction manual is required for improvement of this steam mop black friday 2019 to make it a bit more handy.
  3. Good to have an on-board tool storage.
  4. Plastic clips may not be strong enough to carry heavier clothes on the hanger.

Steam Mop Cleaner Review : Final Words

This steam mop is a very versatile and functional product. For me, the mop is big enough to clean the room in a short amount of time. Water also lasts for about 15 minutes, which is enough to clean an average sized room. Cord is also long enough to clean quite well. Easy to assemble and store. The functioning part is also fine. The handheld attachment is also good. Super easy to assemble.

They are designed with ultra fine microfiber that are known for its cleaning properties and gentle properties. Machine washable and reusable. Gentle enough to clean sensitive surfaces and leaving the floor clean. It puts out a lot of steam, its lightweight and versatility makes cleaning even more good. The moderately sized water tank is capable to hold about eight ounces.


This steamer allows you to steam out wrinkles in every type of clothing material.It is very effective at removing wrinkles from wool, cotton, silk, linen, cashmere, and synthetics. Expect  to spend 45 seconds to a minute per shirt for removing the wrinkles. 3 Adjustable modes help you cater the mop’s steam level to your specific needs. Spare some time to read some other reviews as well.

As a user my final verdict would be that this product is good to buy. Yes, the wire needs to be more longer but this is not a major issue. If you have a kid with you then magna tiles would be a great option to increase their mental level.

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