Conquer the Underworld with Nixi: An Easy-Peasy Build Guide

Conquer the Underworld with Nixi: An Easy-Peasy Build Guide

Tired of endless restarts and frustrating boss fights in Death Must Die? Look no further than the Nixi Easy Win Build, a godsend for both beginners and seasoned players seeking effortless domination. This guide unravels the secrets to this powerful build, transforming you into a chain-wielding champion who crushes foes and rakes in gems with ease.

The Core Components:

  • Death, Time, and Conquest: The holy trinity of gods in this build. Their combined might grants you unparalleled damage, survivability, and utility.
  • Deadly Strike: Your go-to attack, triggering instant DoT explosions and mayhem for maximum carnage.
  • Chains of War: Unleash a devastating AoE, ripping through mobs and turning them into gem-generating fodder.
  • Gem High: Stack this passive to obscene levels and watch your stats soar, fueled by the endless stream of fallen enemies.

Unleashing the Fury:

  1. Lock in the Gods: Prioritize Death, Time, and Conquest in your first three levels, using Alteration gear for divine dice rolls. If RNG isn’t kind, a quick restart is your friend.
  2. Deadly Precision: Skip Conquest and Time’s attacks, opting for the brutal efficiency of Deadly Strike.
  3. Dance of Destruction: Chain your way through hordes, letting Soul Stealers and Ravens weave their DoT magic. Deadly Strike detonates them instantly, triggering Mayhem for even more glorious chaos.
  4. Execution Symphony: As enemies crumble, Execution joins the party, further fueling Gem High’s monstrous growth.
  5. Alteration Ritual: Level up and watch the mayhem unfold. This passive throws random god powers your way, like Conquest’s dash for extra oomph or Death’s dash for slippery survival.

Boss Bonanza:

  • Baron Hands: Keep your distance, dodge gracefully, and stay in Chains range for a rhythmic pummeling.
  • Necromancer: Befriend the edge of his attack range, letting your main attack and manual aim extinguish his fiery projectiles.
  • Dracula: Embrace the skeleton wave, patiently collecting gems to keep Gem High active. Then unleash your fury upon the count, reducing him to dust in seconds.

Shrine Savvy: Prioritize attack speed and size boosts, but feel free to experiment based on your playstyle. This build thrives on flexibility!

With the Nixi Easy Win Build, you’ll conquer the Underworld with effortless grace. Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t be afraid to unleash your inner god-slaying champion and carve your path to victory!


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