Mada Abdelhamid Height Weight and Age

Mada Abdelhamid Height Weight and Age

Mada Abdelhamid is a multi-talented individual known for his prowess as a professional wrestler, actor, and fitness trainer. His remarkable journey has taken him from the wrestling ring to the silver screen. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the life and career of Mada Abdelhamid, including his vital statistics, background, and notable accomplishments.

Who is Mada Abdelhamid?

Full Name: Mada Abdelhamid Age: 36 Nationality: Egyptian/New Zealander Year of Birth: 1987 Profession: Professional Wrestler, Actor, Personal Trainer

Mada Abdelhamid’s Vital Statistics

Height193 cm (6’4″)
Weight123 kg (272 lbs)

Note: These figures are approximate and can fluctuate.


A Glimpse into Mada Abdelhamid’s Career

Mada Abdelhamid has enjoyed a diverse and exciting career that spans the worlds of wrestling, acting, and fitness training. Here’s a closer look at his professional journey:

Professional Wrestling

Mada gained prominence in the wrestling community with his appearance on WWE’s “Tough Enough.” His dedication and skill in the ring earned him recognition and respect among wrestling enthusiasts.

Acting Career

Mada Abdelhamid’s foray into acting has been equally impressive. He has appeared in notable films, including:

  1. Dune (2021): Mada played a role in this epic science fiction film.
  2. Aquaman (2018): He was involved in the production of this blockbuster, working alongside the renowned actor Jason Momoa.
  3. Birds of Prey (2020): Mada’s talent shone in this action-packed movie.

Fitness Training

Mada’s passion for fitness extends beyond the screen and ring. He has made a name for himself as a personal trainer, helping individuals achieve their fitness goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Mada Abdelhamid on Social Media

Stay connected with Mada Abdelhamid through his social media accounts, where he shares insights into his training regimen, personal life, and more:

  • YouTube: RealDealMada (45k subscribers)
  • TikTok: realdealmada (200k followers)
  • Instagram: realdealmada (118k followers)

Mada Abdelhamid’s journey from the wrestling ring to Hollywood exemplifies the power of passion and determination. Whether you’re a wrestling fan, fitness enthusiast, or movie buff, his story is one of inspiration and achievement.


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