Influencer Marketing Strategy And Examples: In-Depth Guide

Influencer Marketing Strategy And Examples: In-Depth Guide

During this phase of business, when Internet Marketing is considered as one of the most viable ways of generating traffic, capturing leads and sales from various sources, Influence Marketing is one of the proven methods of easy conversions. Influence Marketing is an extremely powerful and comprehensive system that utilizes the power of Social Media, Micro Blogs, New Agencies etc. to generate unstoppable traffic, leads, and sales.

Influence Marketing has already created a buzz in the online business world. People are already curious to know about the features, usability, and advantages of Influence Marketing. This post is all about educating novices/ beginners as well as professional internet marketers on the true sense of marketing the products to earn higher revenues with the help of influence marketing.

Who are Influencers?


We all follow some persons related to the topic we admire. An influencer could be anyone having popularity and can leave some influence on their followers. They are easily recognized persons in a particular niche, they would be a popular blogger, Vlogger, Social media celebrity, or may a well-established geezer on LinkedIn. In simple words, a person who has the power to influence marketing the decision of their admirers/engagers with all the Authority, Knowledge and Trust factor.

What is Influence Marketing?

Influence marketing is not overhauling Content marketing or the same in any manner, yet, no doubt it works. This form of Marketing justifies its name that means targeting your audience through the people they admire i.e., Influencers. They already have built their reputation with a successful blog or maybe a video. All you need to do is find a person who could help you in getting your targeted audience and start approaching them in an organized manner with strategy and planning but oh! did we miss the research part that is the most important one before investing yourself in any niche related to Influence Marketing Examples.


Why Influence Marketing is a WIN-WIN deal to go for?

The entire process of Influence marketing revolves around the exchange of views between blogs (information) and followers (viewers). Being an Online consumer, you generally see the recommendations for a particular product or service through the blog or maybe even video, and the entire review section matters a lot in our purchase part. Like, if the reviews are coming from some reputed personality, you’ll surely go to buy it.

However, now comes the most interesting part that you all usually do and that is checking the Influencer’s profile and other shared information to know more. If you like the product, will go to the store or online portal.

Your consumers are looking for a trusted brand, get in touch with the right (micro) influencer and generate more leads with a boost in brand awareness. Also, there are Influencers with lesser but right number of consumers; don’t forget them. Shortcuts don’t work so only invest your time and money in genuine authority work.


You need to keep your patience level up. Dealing with a human needs scheduling of things including how much does your Influencer needs to be integrated with the audience. The entire process of Influence Marketing Strategy is a bit slow and steady but surely a win-win deal so better not to be rush for quick payouts.

How do you find Influencers?  

One of the major parts is relevancy between Influencers and followers that are already saving a fortune for you. It’s easier as well to find an Influencer and start working with them to build your brand. By your side, the brand should only provide the real information to the reader. If you are providing a blog, it should be engaging, interesting enough to let readers stay. Whereas, if you are going for Social media, the content needs to be catchy and descriptive aiming for positive comments and sharing of the social posts. Your goals like the number of visitors, brand’s followers, visibility, awareness, and productivity will be affected by the Influencers you are going with.


Of course, when you are going to kick off the Influence Marketing journey, you are not going to target a celebrity with a 100 million followers list. Let’s take the example of “Cristiano Ronaldo” who is at the top when it comes to Instagram’s most popular profile with a number of followers, shares, likes and comments.

As we already know, CR7 is one the most popular, voguish, and well-known sportsperson in history. And, we can see in the above snapshot that he has already got more than 145 million followers on Instagram.  Even with the 121 million counts on Facebook Ronaldo is an undisputed champ and the most influential man in the world. There is no doubt about his popularity, his reach is already at an extraordinary level, he is pretty active on social media with his own authority, image, and brand, his followers would love to catch and match him all the time.


These stats definitely identify him as the best social media influencer marketing worldwide including Instagram Influencer Marketing. But still, he may or may not be the best influence of culture on consumer behavior for you. Because you and your company may not need to set up an Influence marketing campaign on social media only.

Internet is a wide web and we all generally misunderstood it by relying on one traffic source.  There are different types of Influencers using very unique and different platforms and approaches to get engage with their viewers. So, without a doubt, it’s predominant to form a proper blueprint for influencer marketing campaigns like Buzzoka and Revfluence.

In reality, Influence Marketing is evidently not confined to giant megastars only. There are different types of influencers like Celebrity Influencers, Authority Influencers, Micro-Influencers, Macro influencers, PR Influencers, etc. all of them, man-oeuvre individual, nonidentical and divergent platform to utilize and outstretch their followers, as for example; at blogs, forums, Q & A sites, social media, events, news, and media, etc.


Types of Influence Marketer

We already discussed Influencers and their marketing but are you engaging with the right one to get a targeted audience? Here are some types of Influencers explained from which you can find the most polished one for your business to proceed with the Influencer Marketing strategy.

Journalists: First of all be clear, Blogger and Journalist both are different terms. Journalists are professionally trained, well-educated bodies and most of them have graduate and postgraduate degrees in journalism. On the other hand, there is nothing like that even exists for blogging.


Journalists are an important part of everyone’s life with the information they are providing to affect their decisions. They are responsible for sharing information, crafting it as news, and then making a sensational report on it. But a sudden boom in digital marketing almost demised the newspapers or print marketing and conclusively replaced it with Buzzfeed News, Press Release, and News web portals. Journalism is all about sharing content with reliable sources of information but blogging is basically about sharing views on a bit personal level.

Influence Marketing works only when you are doing with the right one, relevancy is an important metric than any other one to find the perfect influential journalist for your business. You need to know journalists who are involved in your niche and then start building relationships with them and let their reach know about your newly launched product or service.  If you want to gain contacts, promote brands, gather information, and promoting brand goals in a much professional way then Journalist as an Influencer marketer is a good way to go.

Bloggers: With all the developments in technology, it’s essential to put your emphasis on Blogging as it is one of the most lucrative ways to gain a presence on the web. Influencer Marketing is all about Customer engagement and bloggers have the immense talent to gain users’ trust with the information they are providing with Content.


Another fact is that bloggers have the ability to generate viral traffic with the help of content marketing, opt-in list, and heavy social engagement of users. Look for a Blogger who is good at Influence Marketing strategies that has traffic relevant to your niche with industry knowledge. For Online purchases, blogging ranks on the third number right after Retail sales and Brand sites. To be an Influencer, you need to do blogging for sharing your ideas just like Neil Patel does about Digital Marketing.

Consumers: Yes, you read it right and they have the highest impact globally. Your consumers are surely going to tell others about their experience through Reviews and Comments about their experience. Whatever you are providing, it should be encouraging enough to make it turn into a purchase. Let’s say an example of a local business directory or community, you just need to get someone with authentic authority, better fellowship, and command so he or she can drop immense feedback for your company, product, or service.

Q&A sites can help your site to get ranked with the messages that Influencers are giving about your product/service. 49% of companies are using Q&A sites to get even more traffic. The rule of the thumb to use these sites is to help others, build relationships, and show your products if someone asks for them.


Search for the Influencers who are present on the Q&A sites with good authority and followers about your related categories, ask them to answer questions fairly and accurately. More the authority, more the influence.

You need to provide quality content like Brand description, How-to guides, Leave relevant comments to your Influencer. Your targeted audience is searching for questions rather than generic keywords and Quora needs no explanation for its authority here.

Social Media influencers: Using  Social media influencers in the influence marketing strategy is one of the best ways to get reach by building relationships. To find one, you just need to find an influencer who is active on Social media and is related to your niche as well to give the targeted buyers. They are usually engaged with the visitors in the form of Tweets, Blogs, and other Social media networks. However, they do not provide in-depth informative knowledge, yet, have a small yet loyal audience comparatively.


More than 80% of the audience is going to be your buyer. Happy customers are the best ones so try to equip a market that is interested in developing relationships. All for a good reason, Influence Marketing has stepped into the world of Social media to boost brands audience. You can get more conversions with Social media to make your ROI higher. Define your Goals to the Social media influencer that can raise your sales by reaching to niche-related traffic. Make sure you are picking up the right targeted audience that is present on the particular platform.

Youtube Influencers: There are so many Influence marketing tactics in the market and almost all of them are effective but only you can find the most reasonable one for you. People trust what Influencers are saying about a product and mostly all of us are moving towards YouTube videos rather than Search Engine. Today, it is the second most visited site on the Internet right after Google. Search for a YouTuber with some authentic user engagement with relevant comments, a high as well as a genuine number of subscribers and authority. They are meant to be present in Commenting section regularly. Also, whoever YouTube influencer you are following, must be related to your niche.

Sports Stars and Actors: They both are well-known faces in their fields like whatever they doing, users are already engaging with them. Look for the celebrity influencer accordingly that fits your budget as well as influence marketing strategy. Sports stars are fit and strong with the dedication level up. If you are looking for a health promotion brand then Sportsperson is a good option.


Instagram Influencer Marketing Strategy

Instagram is one of the best platforms for Influence Marketing, however, do not limit yourself to one only. Influencers are constantly active on other channels like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube as well. Yes, you could pay less and get a better Return of Investment with better conversions with these platforms. Businesses are making $7.65 for every $1 spent on the Influencers. The conversion rate can raise up to 3-10X if the brand is promoted by its influencers in the industry.

Influencer Marketing Strategy

Getting in touch with thousands of people at one time is nearly impossible but an influencer can do it. No doubt, Instagram is growing a lot and becomes one of the first and best choices for Influencer Marketing but still, there are many more hidden, untapped, and powerful places like Reddit, Pinterest, Quora, VK, Niche related communities forums, etc.

To sum up, we can say Influencers can provide a lot more help to extend your brand or product in front of plenty of people at a time.  Even it can also help in searching engine ranking boost if you manage to get a backlink from an authority website. Influence Marketing is more focused, more trustworthy, for every business, versatile, and has far better ROI as compared to the traditional digital marketing approach.


People are installing ad blockers which indicate the diminishing returns for traditional ad campaigns. But it does not mean Influence marketing comes with no flaws it does have obstacles like it might not be perfect for a long-term journey, most of the time it tends to be a bit costly for short term campaigns and finally, new FTC rules are a bit hard to follow for an influencer or a company.

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