How to Get the Batrachian Affair Stamp in Storyteller

How to Get the Batrachian Affair Stamp in Storyteller

In the enchanting world of Storyteller, where narratives come to life through visual storytelling, players are endowed with the power to craft their own tales, weaving together settings and characters in a truly captivating manner. With its unique comic-panel style and charming animations, this game opens the door to boundless creativity and encourages players to experiment with their storytelling skills.

Storyteller is not just another run-of-the-mill game; it stands out by offering a diverse library of characters and themes, ranging from valiant heroes and menacing villains to mythical creatures like dragons and vampires. The game takes storytelling to a whole new level by allowing players to manipulate secrets, desires, and emotions, enabling them to shape their tales in the most intricate and personalized ways. In Storyteller, you become the master of your narrative, where love, lies, madness, and a world of possibilities await.

Crafting the Batrachian Affair: Frogs Kissing

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll unravel the secrets of obtaining the elusive “Batrachian Affair” secret stamp in Storyteller, specifically in the scenario titled “Frogs Kissing.” Follow the steps below to add this intriguing stamp to your collection:


Step 1: Opening the Tale

  1. Begin your story with the first slide, where you’ll orchestrate a passionate kiss.
  2. Introduce the Witch character in the second slide.
  3. Bring the Prince into the story on this slide as well.

Step 2: Venturing into the Enchanted Forest

  1. Move on to the second slide and transport your characters to a mystical forest.
  2. The Witch and the Prince should continue their journey here.

Step 3: Unraveling Mysteries in the Cauldron

  1. In the third slide, you’ll find yourself in front of a bubbling cauldron.
  2. The Devil character makes an appearance here.

Step 4: A Twist of Witchery

  1. Progress to the fourth slide, where the Witch takes center stage once more.
  2. The cauldron also remains a part of this spellbinding narrative.

Step 5: Return to the Forest

  1. Revisit the enchanted forest on the fifth slide.
  2. The Witch and the Prince are central characters in this part of the story.

Step 6: The Final Act

  1. Conclude your mesmerizing tale with a kiss, a Witch, and the Prince in the sixth slide.

With this sequence of actions, you will unlock the Batrachian Affair secret stamp in Storyteller, bringing a unique and captivating tale to life.

Extra Insight

  • For a more in-depth understanding, expand the second screenshot to see the solution clearly.
  • To access the Batrachian Affair secret stamp, navigate to the “Beauty: Chapter 5 – Duplicity (Heartbroken Frog)” scenario.


Storyteller is a game that thrives on creativity, allowing players to become the architects of their own unique stories. The Batrachian Affair is just one of the many intriguing secrets waiting to be uncovered in this imaginative world. As you continue your journey through Storyteller, remember that the power to shape your tales is in your hands, and the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.

So go ahead, embark on your storytelling adventure, and let your creativity run wild in the world of Storyteller. The Batrachian Affair secret stamp is just one of the many captivating stories that await your touch. Happy storytelling! 📚🎮


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