How To Get Kitsune Fruit In Blox Fruits

How To Get Kitsune Fruit In Blox Fruits

The highly anticipated Kitsune Fruit, inspired by the legendary nine-tailed fox from Japanese mythology, is poised to make its grand entrance in the world of Blox Fruits. This Mythical Beast-type Fruit promises to bring a whirlwind of excitement and power to the game, captivating players with its unique abilities and transformative potential.

How To Get Kitsune Fruit In Blox Fruits

Unlocking the Kitsune Fruit

While the Kitsune Fruit has not yet officially been released, it is expected to be available with Update 21, tentatively scheduled for early December. Two primary methods are speculated for acquiring this coveted fruit:

  1. Purchasing from the Fruit Dealer: Similar to the Ghost Fruit, the Kitsune Fruit is likely to be purchasable directly from the Fruit Dealer NPC, requiring a substantial amount of Beli or Robux.
  2. Completing Special Quests or Sea Events: There is a possibility that the Kitsune Fruit can be unlocked through completing challenging quests or participating in Sea Events, although the drop rate is expected to be exceptionally low.

Harnessing the Kitsune Fruit’s Powers

The Kitsune Fruit is rumored to possess a formidable array of abilities, including:

  1. Accursed Enchantment (Z): This move is said to unleash a barrage of projectiles capable of striking multiple targets simultaneously.
  2. Claws of Burning Agony (X): Evoking the Sanguine Art’s Scarlet Tear, this move is anticipated to deliver a powerful slashing attack with extended range.
  3. Path of Embers (F): Speculations suggest that this move grants enhanced mobility, possibly enabling airwalking or rapid dashes.
  4. Fox Fire Disruption (C): The icon for this move hints at a devastating AoE explosion, capable of damaging multiple enemies concurrently.
  5. Transformation (V): This ultimate ability is believed to transform the user into a formidable nine-tailed fox, amplifying their attacks with burning damage and granting an enhanced M1 attack.

Embracing the Kitsune’s Legacy


The Kitsune Fruit’s arrival marks a significant chapter in Blox Fruits’ evolution, introducing a captivating fusion of mythology and powerful gameplay mechanics. As players eagerly await its release, the anticipation and excitement surrounding this mythical fruit continue to grow.

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