How Much Is Breast Reduction Surgery on Average?

How Much Is Breast Reduction Surgery on Average?

When you are getting ready to step out into the world, are you always pulling your shirt up to hide a little extra skin? Are you always adjusting or squeezing something into a bra that never seems to fit right? Does this make you self-conscious?

If these are your daily experiences, you may need breast reduction surgery.

Deciding on this procedure can be difficult, and one of your first questions will be, “How much is breast reduction surgery?” Is it worth the cost? What can you expect?


We invite you to read on for our breakdown on the cost of breast reduction surgery.

The Anesthesiologist’s Fees

Breast reduction surgery on average depending on the anesthesiologist’s fees can range from $6,000 to $10,000. The costs will depend on the individual’s diagnosis and the type of procedure performed, the type of anesthesia used by the anesthesiologist, and the geographical location of the patient.


The anesthesiologist’s fees usually account for about 10-25 percent of the overall cost of the procedure. Generally, the more complex the procedure, the higher the cost for the anesthesiologist’s fees.

The Cost of the Surgical Facility

The cost of breast reduction surgery will vary depending on the individual, type of procedure, and the surgical facility used. Generally, the average cost ranges from $5,000-$10,000, with living expenses and related medical costs on top of that.


The cost of the surgical facility used will have a major influence on the overall cost of the procedure. If you choose a more prestigious or popular facility, or even a private practice, then the cost will be far greater than a basic hospital system. 


The average cost of the surgery is around $6,000 to $7,000 in the United States and slightly more in Canada. Those located in more developed nations, such as Japan, are likely to face higher fees. In Europe, it typically ranges from €3,000 to €8,000.


On the other hand, in the United Kingdom and Ireland, the price is roughly £3,000 to £8,000. Southeast Asia tends to offer lower rates, with Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore among the most affordable locations worldwide.

Prescription Medications

Prescription medications can be an essential component in getting plastic surgery. The type, amount, and duration of medications used will factor into the cost. A single bottle of generic pain medication may cost as little as a few dollars, whereas a lengthy course of a brand name medication may cost many times more.


The official average cost of breast reduction surgery is around $5,000 but may range from $3,000 to $8,000 depending upon the medications prescribed. In general, the costs of any prescription medications will be in addition to the total cost of the surgery.

Pathology Lab Tests

Pathology lab tests play a crucial role in determining the cost of breast reduction surgery. The tests are typically used to assess the health of the patient’s breast tissue, which can affect how extensive the surgery needs to be.


Depending on the type of tests performed, the cost of the surgery will vary. Generally, the more lab tests that are ordered, the more the surgery will cost. This is due to the amount of preparation and time that goes into the surgery. 

Explore How Much Is Breast Reduction Surgery

In conclusion to how much is breast reduction surgery, it has different costs based on the technology and techniques used. The average cost of reduction surgery is estimated to be between $5,000 and $10,000.


To find out more about breast reduction surgery and the associated costs, contact a board-certified plastic surgeon for an appointment.

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