Gatekeeper Infinity Wiki Gameplay Guide

Gatekeeper Infinity Wiki Gameplay Guide

Embark on a relentless journey through the unpredictable realms of Gatekeeper Infinity, a thrilling rogue-lite top-down shooting game crafted by Gravity Lagoon. Immerse yourself in the heart-pounding action as you assume the role of one of four distinct characters, each armed with a unique skill set. Your mission: face relentless enemies, conquer challenges, and triumph over objectives to conquer the stages.

Gatekeeper Infinity Wiki
Platforms: PC
Initial Release Date: Nov 10, 2023
Developer: Gravity Lagoon
Publisher: HypeTrain Digital
Genres: Adventure

Key Features:

1. Diverse Characters:

  • Choose your avatar from a roster of four characters, each with their own distinctive abilities and playstyles. Tailor your approach to the chaos that awaits.

2. Fast-Paced Action:

  • Brace yourself for an adrenaline-fueled experience, where split-second decisions and swift reflexes are your allies. The fast-paced nature of Gatekeeper Infinity keeps you on the edge of your seat.

3. Objective-Based Challenges:

  • Navigate through stages brimming with objectives that demand strategic thinking and combat prowess. Conquer each challenge to progress further into the chaos.

4. Unique Skill Sets:

  • Discover the individual skill sets of your chosen character, adding layers of complexity to the gameplay. Mastering these skills is the key to survival in the relentless onslaught.

Gatekeeper Infinity beckons daring gamers into a world where chaos reigns supreme. With its dynamic characters, relentless enemies, and a cascade of objectives, this rogue-lite top-down shooter promises an immersive and electrifying gaming experience. Are you ready to face the unknown and emerge victorious? The challenge awaits.


Playable Characters in Gatekeeper Infinity

Playable Characters in Gatekeeper Infinity

Embarking on your journey in Gatekeeper Infinity introduces you to an array of compelling characters, each offering a unique gaming experience. At the game’s outset, two out of the four playable characters, Hybrid and Nidum, are at your disposal.

Character Unlocks:

1. Pandora:

  • The enigmatic Pandora awaits your command, but unlocking her involves reaching level 10. Upon achieving this milestone, seek out the orange portal to transcend the race and gain access to the formidable Pandora.

2. Bastion:

  • To add the stalwart Bastion to your roster, navigate to the “RuneWood” location. At the pinnacle of the map lies the “Hammer of Dawn.” Acquire this powerful tool by investing 10 Omni Stones, granting you coveted access to the indomitable Bastion.

Dive into the diverse gameplay offered by each character as you progress through the stages. Strategize and adapt your approach with the distinct abilities of Hybrid, Nidum, Pandora, and Bastion. The journey through Gatekeeper Infinity unfolds, revealing new challenges and characters as you ascend to greater heights. Are you prepared to harness the strengths of these formidable warriors? The choice is yours, and the adventure awaits.

Resources in Gatekeeper Infinity

Unraveling the intricacies of Gatekeeper Infinity involves mastering various resources crucial to your success in the race. Here’s a breakdown of these key elements:

1. Omni Stone:

  • A versatile resource integral to acquiring items during the race. Utilize Omni Stones for rerolling items in the Obelisk of Distribution and unlocking new items at the Prism Forge.

2. Activate: Ancient Cell

  • Trigger this activation to unveil a new resource, adding another layer of strategy to your gameplay. The Ancient Cell brings forth opportunities and challenges, enhancing your overall race experience.

3. Key to the Monolith:

  • This vital resource plays a pivotal role in achieving your goal of collecting and inserting keys into monoliths. Navigate the race wisely, collect keys, and unlock the mysteries concealed within the monoliths.

Understanding the significance of these resources empowers you to make informed decisions as you progress through Gatekeeper Infinity. Omni Stones, Activate: Ancient Cell and Key to the Monolith are the building blocks of your success, each contributing uniquely to the dynamic challenges that await. Embrace the journey, harness these resources strategically, and emerge victorious in the ever-evolving race.


Gatekeeper Infinity Structures

Explore the significant structures within Gatekeeper Infinity, each adding a layer of depth to your strategic gameplay:

1. Obelisk of Distribution:

  • This pivotal structure offers a choice of three items for a Prism. Should the options not align with your strategy, the flexibility of Omni Stones allows you to modify the assortment. Exercise caution, as the price of rerolls doubles with each subsequent use.

2. Quorium Icon:

  • A beacon of teleportation awaits upon completing a stage. The Quorium Icon enables you to seamlessly transition to the next stage, facilitating efficient progression through the race.

3. Cell of the Ancients:

  • As a task activator, the Cell of the Ancients propels you into the mission of collecting keys for monoliths. Embrace the challenge, unravel the mysteries, and unlock the potential concealed within the monoliths.

4. Totem:

  • Unveiled during the task, Charging Totems Icon serves as a dynamic element in your journey. Harness the power they offer strategically, enhancing your capabilities in the ever-evolving race.

Navigate these structures wisely, considering the unique advantages they bring to your Gatekeeper Infinity experience. The Obelisk of Distribution, Quorium Icon, Cell of the Ancients, and Totem collectively shape the challenges and opportunities that define your race. May your choices be astute as you progress through the diverse stages of Gatekeeper Infinity.

Gatekeeper Infinity: Unleashing Pandora and Bastion

Unlocking Pandora:

Embark on the journey to Pandora’s realm by progressing through Gatekeeper Infinity. Here’s your guide to unlocking this formidable character:

  • Progress the game until you conquer Stage 10.
  • Play either solo or join forces with friends in co-op mode.
  • Defeat the main boss of Stage 10 and seek out the elusive orange portal.
  • Interact with the portal to trigger the “Apotheosis,” unlocking the radiant Luminary, Pandora.

Pandora’s Radiant Skills:

Unlocking Pandora
  1. Luminary:
    • Launch concentrated light projectiles, illuminating your path with formidable force.
  2. Emission:
    • Unleash a straight-line impulse, dealing instant damage at a staggering 500%.
  3. Healing Dash:
    • Execute a dash culminating in a healing area, restoring 8% health per second to all Gatekeepers for 5 seconds.

Unveiling Bastion:

To harness the might of Bastion, follow these steps and integrate this stalwart character into your Gatekeeper arsenal:

  • Acquire 10 Omni Stones by completing 1 or 2 runs with any character.
  • Locate the Hammer of Dawn shrine, spending 10 Omni Stones to activate it.
  • The shrine may manifest randomly but often appears in the Stage 15 Forest area.

Bastion’s Towering Abilities:

Unlocking Bastion
  1. Dawnbreaker:
    • Execute a powerful two-hand hammer strike, dealing +100% damage to stunned enemies.
  2. Earthshatter:
    • Strike the ground, unleashing area damage around Bastion.
  3. Valiant Charge:
    • Dash forward, dealing 200% damage to all in its path.
  4. Roar:
    • Stun enemies for 3 seconds in a 20-unit radius.
  5. Rising Fury:
    • Amplify damage by 10% for each unit within a 10-unit radius, skyrocketing to 100% if the Siren is present.
  6. Lightning Conductor:
    • Unleash area damage with a 9-unit radius, dealing 400% damage per second for 5 seconds.
  7. Haunting Luminary:
    • Projectiles have a 25% chance to bounce between random enemies within a 13-unit range.

Empower your Gatekeeper experience with the radiant Luminary, Pandora, and the stalwart defender, Bastion. May their skills shine brightly as you navigate the challenges of Gatekeeper Infinity.

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