Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1: All Mod Bench Locations & How to Use

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1: All Mod Bench Locations & How to Use

Welcome to the dynamic landscape of Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1, where a revolutionary addition has taken center stage – the Mod Bench! This innovative feature allows players to finely tailor their weapons, granting them the power to minimize recoil, increase magazine ammunition, and equip a brand-new optic.

In the pursuit of enhancing your arsenal, knowledge of Mod Bench locations becomes paramount. These sought-after benches are strategically positioned within Vaults scattered across the map, easily identifiable by the distinctive Medallion markers. Here are the prime Points of Interest (POIs) where these game-changing Mod Benches can be discovered:

All Mod Bench Locations & How to Use

  1. Snooty Steppes: Unveil the secrets of weapon customization in this strategic locale.
  2. Reckless Railways: Navigate through the railways to discover the hidden potential of your firearms.
  3. Grand Glacier: Amidst the frozen expanse, find a Mod Bench to elevate your weapon to new heights.
  4. Lavish Lair: Explore opulence and upgrade your arsenal in this lavish haven.
  5. Fencing Fields: Unleash the full potential of your weapons amid intense battlegrounds.
All Mod Bench Locations & How to Use

Unlocking the potential of a Vault and its accompanying Mod Bench requires possession of the Medallion specific to that location. A decisive move involves eliminating the boss guarding the Medallion, granting you access to the sought-after customization hub.


Execution is key when interacting with a Mod Bench in Fortnite. Navigate your platform-specific controls – Square for PlayStation, X for Xbox, and E for PC – to engage with the bench.

A crucial detail to remember: weapons acquired from Vending Machines or dispatched NPCs cannot undergo modifications on the Mod Bench.

The question of attachment count arises, and the answer lies in the rarity of your weapon. Aim for Legendary status, as it allows a maximum of four attachments, providing unparalleled customization. The cost of each modification is 75 Gold, making every enhancement a strategic investment.


Let’s break down the attachment allowances based on rarity:

  • Uncommon: 1 Attachment
  • Rare: 2 Attachments
  • Epic: 3 Attachments
  • Legendary: 4 Attachments

Gear up wisely, weigh your options, and delve into the world of Fortnite’s Mod Benches with the knowledge that each attachment could be the key to victory!

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