Echocalypse Beginner’s Guide in Depth Tutorial

Echocalypse Beginner’s Guide in Depth Tutorial

Prepare to be swept away by the captivating world of Echocalypse, a sci-fi SRPG where you take on the role of an Awakener tasked with leading a squad of extraordinary warrior girls known as Kemono Girls. These fierce fighters, represented by charming chibi live 2.5D designs, await your command in strategic turn-based battles.

Echocalypse Beginner's Guide

Experience the thrill of classic drag-and-drop gameplay, forming powerful formations to conquer your foes. While your heroines possess autonomous combat prowess, unleashing their devastating special abilities at opportune moments will turn the tide of battle in your favour.

But Echocalypse offers more than just pulse-pounding combat. Delve into the unique city-building aspect, crafting a haven for your Kemono Girls where you can deepen your bonds with them. This innovative feature takes role-playing to a new level, allowing you to express your affection through marriage/dating, gifting, and customizing your voices, costumes, and even dialogue! Immerse yourself in the world through the exceptional voice acting of renowned talents like Yoshimasa Hosoya, Sora Amamiya, and many more.


This guide aims to equip you with the knowledge needed to navigate the intricate systems of Echocalypse and optimize your progression. Remember, the greatest enjoyment comes from forging your path, so consider this guide a springboard for your journey.

Echocalypse is not about a frantic sprint to the finish line, but rather a rewarding marathon where patience and resource management are key. Embrace the challenge and revel in the satisfaction of nurturing your Kemono Girls and conquering every obstacle you face.

Your Guide to Summoning in Echocalypse

Welcome, Awakeners, to the wondrous realm of Echocalypse! In this world teeming with powerful Kemono Girls, the Draw system is your gateway to assembling a formidable squad. But before you embark on this exciting journey, let’s unveil the mysteries of the Draw and equip you with the knowledge to navigate its intricacies.

Echocalypse Beginner's Guide

A Glimpse into the Draw:

Nestled on the right side of your main menu, the Draw beckons you to summon the extraordinary warriors who will become the cornerstones of your team. Here, you’ll encounter various banners, each offering a unique pool of Generals waiting to be recruited.

Two main banners currently grace the halls of the Draw:

  • Draw Banner: This standard banner allows you to summon R-SSR Generals, each with its probability of appearing. Remember, rarer Generals are more elusive, making them prized possessions.
  • Rate-Up Draw Banner: This banner offers a higher chance of acquiring specific Generals alongside other R-SSR heroes. These banners often showcase the latest additions to the game, tempting you with their alluring potential.

Understanding the Rarities:

Echocalypse Beginner's Guide

Each General in Echocalypse possesses a base rarity, which dictates their summoning probability. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • SSR (Super Super Rare) Generals: The pinnacle of rarity, boasting a base summoning probability of 3%. These are the most powerful warriors you can acquire, but their elusiveness demands patience and perseverance.
  • SR (Super Rare) Generals: Moderately rare with a base summoning probability of 14.7%, these Generals offer a good balance of strength and accessibility.
  • R (Rare) Generals: The most common with a base summoning probability of 82.3%, these Generals provide a solid foundation for your early game progression.

Summoning Strategies:


Each summoning attempt requires 200 Iridimorphite, a valuable resource you’ll collect throughout your journey. You can choose to summon individually or perform a 10-draw, potentially unlocking hidden bonuses.

Echocalypse Beginner's Guide

But fret not Awakeners! The developers have implemented a pity system to ensure you don’t go unrewarded. This system works in two ways:

  • Hard Pity: After 50 unsuccessful attempts on any banner, the next General you summon is guaranteed to be an SSR.
  • Soft Pity: Every 10 unsuccessful attempts on an Advanced Draw banner will guarantee at least one SR General.

A Journey of Discovery Awaits:


With knowledge as your guide, you’re now ready to step into the Draw and embark on a thrilling quest to assemble the ultimate Kemono Girl squad. Remember, patience and strategic resource management are key to unlocking your full potential. So, Awakeners, may your summons be bountiful and your adventures exhilarating!

Different Currencies in Echocalypse

In Echocalypse, resource management is key to building a formidable squad of Kemono Girls and conquering the post-apocalyptic wasteland. But with different currencies fueling various aspects of the game, navigating this financial landscape can be tricky. Fear not, Awakeners, for this guide will unravel the mysteries of Echocalypse’s economic system!

Echocalypse Beginner's Guide

Action Points: The Engine of Progress


Imagine Action Points (AP) as the fuel that keeps your Echocalypse journey running. You’ll need an ample supply to embark on Expedition quests, deploy your warriors in Patrols, and farm essential equipment. While AP replenishes over time, strategic usage is crucial, as certain activities, like Nutrient Solution refills, can tap into your reserves.

Goldflower: The Premium Fuel

Goldflower, the game’s premium currency, is the ultimate performance booster. Think of it as rocket fuel for summoning powerful Generals through the Draw system. While obtainable through in-game events and achievements, purchasing Goldflower directly offers the fastest path to acquiring top-tier warriors.


Tribute Points: Investing in Your Heroes

Tribute Points (TP) are the lifeblood of your Kemono Girls. From levelling them up to augmenting their abilities and unlocking their true potential, TP fuels every aspect of their growth. Thankfully, TP is readily available through daily missions, event rewards, and Expedition stages, ensuring a steady stream of investment for your loyal squad.

Mastering the Market: Tips for a Thriving Squad


Now that you understand the different currencies, let’s explore some tips for maximizing their effectiveness:

  • Prioritize AP usage: Focus on activities that offer the most rewards per AP spent, like clearing high-value Expedition stages early on.
  • Invest wisely in Goldflower: Use it strategically for targeted summons or essential items like Nutrient Solutions.
  • Be a TP hoarder: Diligence is key! Stockpile TP for breakthroughs and skill upgrades.

Remember, Awakeners, a balanced approach is key. By understanding the value of each currency and utilizing them strategically, you’ll build a formidable squad and conquer the challenges that lie ahead!

Forging an Unstoppable Echelon: Empowering Your Generals in Echocalypse

In the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Echocalypse, your Generals are your lifeline. But in the face of monstrous Kemono and treacherous landscapes, mere strength isn’t enough. To truly conquer this desolate world, you must forge an unstoppable echelon – a finely tuned squad of Generals honed to razor sharpness.


Level Up: The Foundation of Power

Just like any warrior, your Generals thrive on experience. Levelling them up is the cornerstone of their growth, directly boosting their base stats and unlocking their full potential. Remember, a higher Player Rank translates into higher General-level caps, so conquering those Expedition stages is key!

Breakthrough: Shattering Limits


Think of Breakthroughs as explosive evolutions. By sacrificing duplicate Generals, you shatter their limitations, granting them significant stat boosts and a unique bonus stat called Artifice. The higher the Breakthrough level, the more potent the Artifice, transforming your Generals into specialized powerhouses.

Augment: Unveiling Hidden Depths

Augmentation unlocks the hidden potential within your Generals’ very DNA. By feeding them specific materials gleaned from Expeditions, you elevate their Augment tiers, refining their base stats and granting them powerful active and passive abilities. Each tier is a step towards unleashing their true might.


Skill Enhancement: Sharpening the Blade

Every warrior’s skill is their most prized weapon. Skill Enhancement allows you to hone your Generals’ abilities to razor sharpness. Whether it’s unleashing devastating attacks, debilitating foes with potent crowd control, or simply covering more ground, enhanced skills elevate your Generals from competent fighters to unstoppable forces.

Remember, Awakeners:

  • A balanced echelon is key. Don’t just focus on raw power; consider your Generals’ synergies and build a team that complements each other’s strengths.
  • Prioritize resources wisely. Levelling, Breakthroughs, and Augmentation all require specific materials. Plan your resource allocation to maximize your Generals’ potential.
  • Experiment and adapt. The wasteland is ever-changing, and so should your tactics. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different General combinations and skill enhancements to find the perfect strategy for each challenge.

Your Guide to Echocalypse’s Daily Missions

1. Flex Your Exploration Muscles: Every day, embark on a quick Expedition jaunt. This not only grants essential XP and loot but also keeps your combat reflexes sharp. Remember, even the mightiest Kemono hunters need to stretch their legs!

2. Level Up Your Legends: No hero is static in Echocalypse. Push your Generals to new heights by levelling them up three times daily. Witness their stats soar and their skills blossom, making them unstoppable forces on the battlefield.

3. Cage Fight Frenzy: Unleash your inner gladiator in the Cage Battle once a day. This PvP arena is more than just a brawl; it’s a proving ground for your tactical prowess and a chance to snag valuable Cage Coins.


4. World Chat Wisdom: Knowledge is power, and the World Chat is your daily dose of community wisdom. Share tips, discuss strategies, and maybe even spark some friendly rivalries. Remember, a united Echocalypse is a stronger Echocalypse!

5. Simply Be There: Every journey needs a starting point. By simply logging in each day, you claim a trove of rewards – a testament to your unwavering dedication to the cause!

Remember, Awakeners: Consistency is key. By incorporating these Daily Missions into your routine, you’ll steadily build an unstoppable squad, conquer challenges with ease, and become a legend in the wasteland. So, what are you waiting for? Seize the day and make Echocalypse tremble!


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