Black Clover M Wiki Beginners Guide

Black Clover M Wiki Beginners Guide

Black Clover Mobile: Rise of the Wizard King, also known as Black Clover Mobile: The Opening of Fate in the Japanese gaming realm, emerges as a turn-based gacha sensation crafted by the ingenious minds at Vic Game Studios. This innovative studio, birthed in 2021 under the creative helm of Jae-Young Choi, renowned as the lead architect behind Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross, has set the stage for a gaming revolution.

Notably, the global publication rights for this gaming marvel have been entrusted to none other than Garena. As the game unfolds, it draws profound inspiration from the acclaimed Epic Seven, yet gracefully infuses its distinct flair into the gaming tapestry. Introducing nuanced alterations to established systems and ushering in a wave of modernity through quality-of-life enhancements, Black Clover Mobile stands poised to redefine the gacha gaming landscape.

Embark with us on a detailed exploration of these captivating nuances in the upcoming sections of this comprehensive guide. Here, we unravel the intricacies that set Black Clover Mobile apart, offering players an immersive experience that seamlessly merges tradition with innovation.


Black Clover M Wiki Beginners Guide

Black Clover M Gameplay Dynamics

Delving into the dynamic gameplay of Black Clover Mobile unveils a dichotomy of experiences encapsulated in two distinct modes:

Black Clover M Gameplay Modes

Combat Dynamics: In the pulsating realm of combat, Black Clover Mobile orchestrates a symphony of turn-based strategy. Players assemble a formidable squad of five, navigating the intricacies of partner dynamics. The crux lies in a judicious understanding of each character’s skill set, as unleashing their abilities requires strategic finesse. From fundamental attacks to unique passives, every character boasts a bespoke arsenal. Notably, a Special Point system adds a layer of tactical depth, ensuring that unrestrained skill spamming is but a fleeting temptation.

Black Clover M Wiki Beginners Guide

Overworld Exploration: Beyond the fray of battle, the game unfolds an expansive overworld beckoning exploration. Aptly named, players traverse open-world locales mapped out before them. These aren’t mere static landscapes; rather, they serve as gateways to immersive experiences. Upon reaching specific destinations, the world unfurls its hidden tapestry of quests, waiting to be unveiled through meticulous exploration. Black Clover Mobile thus marries combat intensity with the allure of discovery, inviting players to partake in a multifaceted gaming odyssey.


Black Clover M Gameplay Modes

Within the vibrant universe of Black Clover Mobile, a tapestry of diverse game modes unfolds, offering players a plethora of avenues to explore and relish:

Story Expedition: True to the essence of gacha gaming, the story mode in Black Clover Mobile serves as the gateway to progression. Traverse through stages, overcoming challenges, and unlocking additional modes, all facilitated by the allure of special Tickets.

Arena Showdowns: Elevating the gameplay experience, the arena emerges as a focal point of intrigue. Here, players engage in captivating battles against formidable opponents. The stakes are high, with league-dependent rewards adding an extra layer of motivation. Notably, the Closed Beta version showcased AI battles, setting the stage for dynamic player-versus-player interactions.


Normal Challenge Odyssey: Embark on a multifaceted journey through the normal challenge, comprising diverse sub-stages each offering unique rewards. From Mage EXP in the Evergreen Forest to Gear Enhancement Materials in the City District, each stage unfolds a distinct bounty. Traverse the Ice Cavern for Talent Seeds, conquer Dungeons for coveted gear rewards, explore Memory Hall for Black Crystals, and patrol stages to amass Bond EXP.

Limited Challenge Quests: Aptly named, the Limited Challenge beckons players to engage within a finite timeframe, featuring an array of stages. This dynamic mode undergoes periodic transformations, introducing fresh challenges and occasionally demanding the deployment of multiple teams. While the rewards mirror those of normal challenges, their exclusivity adds a touch of special allure to every conquest.

Immerse yourself in the varied landscapes of Black Clover Mobile, where each game mode unfurls a distinct narrative, beckoning players into a captivating realm of strategic depth and rewarding challenges.


Unveiling a realm of opportunities, Black Clover Mobile introduces various avenues for players to enhance their gaming experience through strategic investments:

  1. Clover Pass: Unlock a trove of valuable items, including multis, by investing in the exclusive Clover Passes. Keep a vigilant eye on the ever-evolving reward collection timings, necessitating regular visits to this dynamic section for potential surprises.
  2. Gateway of Destiny: Navigate the Gateway of Destiny to select from three seasonal characters, each with a coveted low acquisition rate. To claim these unique seasonal characters, players must diligently complete assigned missions, adding an extra layer of challenge to the pursuit of excellence.
  3. Mage’s Path Odyssey: Embark on the Mage’s Path, also known as Magnus Path, categorized into beginner, intermediate, and advanced tiers. Engage in missions within these tiers to unlock distinctive rewards and achievements. Mastery of these missions is advised, given the exceptional rewards that can significantly elevate your gameplay experience.
  4. Memory Hall Exploration: Delve into the Memory Hall to encounter and battle previously vanquished bosses. Elevate the challenge by increasing complexity with each encounter. Victorious outcomes in these battles yield chief rewards such as Potions, EXP boosts, and more, enhancing your journey through the mystical corridors of the Black Clover Mobile world.
  5. Adventure Journal Quests: Discover area-specific missions within the Adventure Journal, where successful completion yields premium in-game rewards. Careful observation of mission requirements is crucial for victory, adding a strategic layer to your progression through the game.
  6. Raid Battle: Venture into the Limited Challenge tab to unveil the Special Mode Raid, introducing three distinct difficulty levels for the raid boss, Betelgigas. Strategic planning is key, as you can prepare two parties for different raid phases. Success in battle reaps special rewards and currencies, marking your triumph in the face of formidable challenges.
  7. Bountiful Black Clover Shop: Explore the diverse offerings in the Black Clover Mobile shop, featuring packages, arena perks, skill page disassembly, raid exchange counter, and more. Customize your purchases based on your evolving needs, ensuring your arsenal remains well-stocked. Should you find yourself in need of skills, tickets, potions, or other essentials, the Shop stands ready to cater to your requirements with a wealth of available currencies.

Black Clover M Wiki Beginners Guide Characters’ Details

In Black Clover Mobile, you will explore 30+ unique characters with special skills, rarity, type, etc. 

  • Rarities: R, SR, and SSR.
  • Types: Wisdom, Tenacity, and Proficiency.
  • Classes: Debuffer, Attacker, Support, Defender, and Healer.  

Within the intricate fabric of Black Clover Mobile, characters are adorned with varying rarities and attributes, adding depth to the gaming experience:

  1. Rarity Spectrum: The game boasts a tiered rarity system, with characters classified into three base tiers: R, SR, and the coveted SSR. An intriguing facet lies in the ability to elevate any R or SR character to the SSR echelon and beyond, underscoring the dynamic evolution potential within the game.
  2. Distinctive Types: Characters are further delineated by three elemental types, akin to the familiar elemental classifications found in other gaming realms:
    • Technique: Unleashing precision and skill.
    • Sense: Navigating the battlefield with heightened intuition.
    • Power: Harnessing raw strength and might.
    The elemental interplay adheres to a classic paper-scissors-rock dynamic, where Red triumphs over Green, Green prevails against Blue, and Blue conquers Red. Notably, the current game landscape lacks Light/Dark faction equivalents, preserving a harmonious trinity.
  3. Varied Classes: Characters are stratified into five distinct classes, each masterfully honing a unique combat style:
    • Attacker: Prowess in offensive assaults.
    • Defender: Fortifying allies with stalwart defense.
    • Debuffer: Strategically weakening adversaries.
    • Healer: Nurturing the wounded back to strength.
    • Support: Offering a versatile array of aid to allies.
    This class-based diversity injects strategic intricacies into gameplay, allowing players to curate a team that harmonizes with their preferred combat approach. The synergy of rarities, types, and classes converges to shape a tapestry of endless possibilities in the realm of Black Clover Mobile.

Black Clover M Gacha System

Unlocking the gateway to coveted characters and skill pages in Black Clover Mobile involves navigating the intricate gacha rates, a crucial aspect of the gaming landscape:

Rate-up Banner Odds: Embarking on the rate-up banner presents players with a nuanced probability matrix:

  • Mage: A promising 60% chance awaits those seeking mystical characters.
  • SSR (Normal Character): A selective 1.5% unveils the prospect of securing a superior character.
  • SSR (Rate-up Character): A 1% chance amplifies the allure of obtaining a featured character.
  • SR: A respectable 14% chance adds variety to the potential outcomes.
  • R: The common tier boasts a 43.5% occurrence, providing a baseline in the summoning journey.
  • Skill Page: At a 40% rate, the prospect of acquiring these valuable enhancements is within reach.
  • SSR (Normal Skill Page): A subtle 0.82% elevates the rarity of these skill-enhancing treasures.
  • SSR (Rate-up Skill Page): A modest 0.68% odds enhance the desirability of featured skill pages.
  • SR Skill Page: With a 10% chance, the mid-tier skill pages add an element of unpredictability.
  • R Skill Page: Completing the spectrum, the basic skill pages manifest at a 28.5% rate.

Normal Banner Dynamics: Navigating the normal banner unfolds a distinct set of probabilities:

  • Mage: A consistent 60% chance persists for the appearance of enchanting characters.
  • SSR (Normal Character): A marginally higher 2% beckons those seeking standard superior characters.
  • SSR (Seasonal): A tantalizing 0.5% introduces a touch of seasonal allure to the summoning experience.
  • SR: Mirroring the rate-up banner, a 14% likelihood diversifies the potential outcomes.
  • R: The steadfast common tier maintains a 43.5% prevalence, offering a reliable foundation.
  • Skill Page: A solid 40% rate mirrors the rate-up banner’s accessibility to these transformative items.
  • SSR (Normal Skill Page): A subtly increased 1.32% enhances the appeal of standard skill pages.
  • SSR (Seasonal Skill Page): A rare 0.18% introduces a seasonal variant to the coveted skill pages.
  • SR Skill Page: With a 10% probability, the mid-tier skill pages maintain a notable presence.
  • R Skill Page: Completing the ensemble, the basic skill pages materialize at a 28.5% rate.

These gacha rates encapsulate the delicate balance of chance and anticipation, beckoning players into a realm where each summoning holds the promise of unlocking extraordinary facets of the Black Clover Mobile universe.

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