Bkornblume Reverse 1999 Character Profile, Skills & Inheritance

Bkornblume Reverse 1999 Character Profile, Skills & Inheritance

In the mystical world of Reverse: 1999, a realm filled with enigmatic arcanists and magical wonders, Bkornblume stands as a unique and captivating character. This article delves deep into her background, abilities, and portrayal, providing a comprehensive guide for all enthusiasts.


Bkornblume, also known as 柏林以东, made her debut as a Plant Arcanist in Reverse: 1999. This mysterious character has fascinated players and fans alike with her captivating backstory and extraordinary abilities.

Exhibition Details

Bkornblume’s journey as an arcanist began in the 1980s, and she continued to mesmerize the audience for an impressive 18 years. Her grand debut took place during the Winter season, on February 9, in the city of Berlin, German Democratic Republic.



Watch Her Sleeves – The Arcane Skill

Bkornblume possesses a unique skill known as “Watch Her Sleeves.” This skill is a reflection of her gentle nature, and it showcases her reluctance to use her powers to harm others. Let’s explore the three levels of this skill:

Level 1 (✦✧✧): In this basic form, Bkornblume’s attack is described as, “It seems she’s not very skilled at this.” She initiates a mass attack, dealing 135% Reality DMG to two enemies. Notably, if the target is in [Stats Down], [Neg Status], or [Control] statuses, her attack deals an additional 30% more Reality DMG.

Level 2 (✦✦✧): At the second level, her attack is described as, “It seems she does not want to use it to hurt people.” This enhanced skill performs a mass attack, dealing 200% Reality DMG to two enemies. Similar to level 1, if the target is in [Stats Down], [Neg Status], or [Control] statuses, this attack inflicts 45% more Reality DMG.


Level 3 (✦✦✦): The ultimate level of her skill is marked by the description, “Hurting people is not her intention, but protecting herself is.” At this level, Bkornblume delivers a massive blow, dealing 335% Reality DMG to two enemies. When her targets are in [Stats Down], [Neg Status], or [Control] statuses, the attack becomes even deadlier, with a 75% increase in Reality DMG.

Bkornblume Reverse 1999 Character Profile


Bkornblume’s statistics are a testament to her power and versatility. Here are the key statistics:

Basic Statistics

  • Attack: 255 (Default) – 1139 (Insight III Max Lvl.)
  • Health: 1326 (Default) – 5919 (Insight III Max Lvl.)
  • Real DEF: 100 (Default) – 445 (Insight III Max Lvl.)
  • Mental DEF: 115 (Default) – 512 (Insight III Max Lvl.)
  • Technique: 140 (Default) – 194 (Insight III Max Lvl.)

Special Statistics

  • Crit. Rate: 4.7% (Default) – 6.5% (Insight III)
  • Crit. DMG: 137% (Default) – 139.7% (Insight III)


Bkornblume’s potential can be further harnessed through upgrades. Her abilities and effects reach new heights with these enhancements:

  • Reverse Flow Inheritance Effects: When the enemy is in [Stats Down], [Neg Status], or [Control] statuses, DMG Dealt increases by 20%. Additionally, when Bkornblume enters battle, her ATK receives a 5% boost. Moreover, when she is attacked by an enemy in [Stats Down], [Neg Status], or [Control] statuses, DMG Taken is reduced by 20%.
  • Portrayal Effects: Bkornblume’s portrayal effects evolve with each level, granting her more substantial power. At level 5, her [Uninvited Reviewer] effect deals a staggering 800% Reality DMG.

Upgrade Materials

To unlock her full potential, Bkornblume requires specific upgrade materials at various levels:

  • Insight I: 12000643 materials
  • Insight II: 30000843 materials
  • Insight III: 1200001262 materials


Bkornblume’s portrayal reflects her intriguing character. She is described as, “Like a vile gossiper, she listened to secrets. Like a dreamer with hope, she listened to the beautiful things of this world.” This enigmatic description only adds to the mystique of Bkornblume.


In the vast and mystical world of Reverse: 1999, Bkornblume, the Plant Arcanist, is a character of intrigue and complexity. With her unique abilities and captivating portrayal, she stands as a symbol of the enchanting lore that this world has to offer.


This comprehensive guide serves as a valuable resource for players and enthusiasts looking to unlock the full potential of Bkornblume in their adventures within Reverse: 1999. Her abilities, statistics, and upgrades make her a character worth exploring in-depth.

By delving into the world of Bkornblume, you can unlock new dimensions of gameplay and storytelling, making your Reverse: 1999 experience all the more enchanting.

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