Best Goalkeepers in EA FC 24 Career Mode

Best Goalkeepers in EA FC 24 Career Mode

In the realm of EA Sports’ FIFA series, the EA FC 24 Career Mode has carved out a niche for itself as a haven for football enthusiasts seeking a taste of virtual managerial glory. One of the pivotal aspects that can make or break your career as a manager in this mode is selecting the right goalkeeper. In this comprehensive guide, we, as seasoned football aficionados and ardent gamers, unravel the secrets to finding the best goalkeepers for your EA FC 24 Career Mode journey.

Scouting for Excellence

1. Player Potential and Age

When it comes to goalkeepers, age and potential are key factors. It’s vital to strike a balance between youthful vigor and long-term development. Look for goalkeepers in their early twenties with high growth potential, as they are likely to evolve into world-class custodians.

2. Attributes that Matter


A goalkeeper’s diving ability is paramount. This attribute determines their capacity to make those acrobatic, match-winning saves. Prioritize goalkeepers with high diving ratings to keep your net secure.



Lightning-quick reflexes are invaluable. Players with exceptional reflex ratings are more likely to thwart opponents’ close-range shots and one-on-one situations.


A goalkeeper’s handling skill impacts their ability to hold on to the ball. Opt for those with impeccable handling to minimize rebounds and provide your team with greater defensive stability.


Goalkeepers need to be in the right place at the right time. A high positioning rating ensures your custodian anticipates the opponent’s moves and is better positioned to make crucial saves.



A goalkeeper’s ability to communicate with the defensive line is often underestimated. Look for those with high communication ratings to organize your defense effectively.

3. Physical Attributes

Endurance, speed, and strength are essential physical attributes. Goalkeepers need to endure the entire match, rush out when needed, and stand tall against powerful shots. Prioritize these attributes to ensure your goalkeeper is up to the players.

Best Goalkeepers in EA FC 24 Career Mode

Recruiting the best goalkeepers in EA FC 24 Career Mode can require some hefty figures in transfer fees. Although, they’re certainly worth the price.


Here’s a list of the best goalkeepers in EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode:

#1Thibaut CourtoisReal Madrid90
#2Marc-André ter StegenFC Barcelona89
#4EdersonManchester City88
#5Jan OblakAtletico de Madrid88
#6Mike MaignanA.C. Milan87
#7Gregor KobelBorussia Dortmund87
#8Gianluigi DonnarummaPSG87
#9Manuel NeuerBayern Munich87
#10Wojciech SzczęsnyJuventus86

Unsurprisingly, Thibaut Courtois has retained the top spot after another solid campaign with Real Madrid. Barcelona’s Ter Stegen lands just behind him alongside Alisson, who had an impressive individual season, despite the team’s performance.

All in all, those were the best goalkeepers to sign in EA FC 24 Career Mode.



In the fiercely competitive world of FIFA gaming, selecting the right goalkeeper for your EA FC 24 Career Mode team is a pivotal decision that can make or break your virtual managerial career. By considering factors like age, attributes, and potential, and by exploring the top goalkeeper prospects, you are well on your way to dominating the virtual football pitch.

Armed with this knowledge, you can confidently take on the challenges that EA FC 24 Career Mode throws your way, secure in the knowledge that you’ve made the best choice between the goalposts. May your saves be spectacular, and your victories numerous!

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