Becoming a Lifeguard for Teens

Becoming a Lifeguard for Teens

Becoming a lifeguard for teens can be a summer job that sticks with you for a long time. Lifeguarding can be a great experience for many different reasons.

You’ll find yourself in a very attractive position that allows you to have even unlimited perks of working outdoors yet still have a sense of feeling needed with an inspiring mindset to help people.
It’s easy to feel good about yourself and make money all at the same time. So if you’re a teen and you’re looking for a fun and profitable summer job, becoming a lifeguard is a job for you.
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Essential Training and Certifications

The first step to becoming a lifeguard is to get MyCPR NOW’s online CPR Certification. These certifications provide a teenage lifeguard with the knowledge and skills needed to help enjoy aquatic recreation. This initial lifeguard training is a must if you plan to become a lifeguard for teens.
It’s also essential to understand how to use appropriate communication when assisting teens. It achieves personal, social, and recreational goals. Being a lifeguard for teens is an adventure, a challenge, and a source of satisfaction.

Requirements and Responsibilities

A lifeguard is responsible for maintaining safety standards on pool decks. It also includes ensuring the safety of all swimmers, monitoring activities in the pool, and providing help to swimmers in distress. They should also notify authorities in the event of an emergency and respond to any accident or injury. They must be patient, level-headed, and able to exercise judgment in stressful situations. It’s also important that they maintain a positive and professional attitude. They must be good role models for others and committed to protecting patrons in and around the water.


Tips for Succeeding as a Teen Lifeguard

Set a good example for others and be a role model for the teens that you are guarding. Be aware of the pool area at all times. Remain alert, observe potential hazards, and maintain safety by being proactive. Develop professional skills such as communication and problem-solving. Most importantly, take responsibility for others’ safety and always be ready to take action. Have fun and provide positivity and encouragement for everyone.

Benefits and Rewards of Being a Teen Lifeguard

Teens will also learn the importance of problem-solving, staying alert, and being proactive at all times.
Being a lifeguard can also be a great way to meet other positive, proactive teens and foster meaningful
relationships with them. Serving as a lifeguard can also be a great opportunity for teens to give back to
their community. Being a leader in a positive effort to promote the safety and well-being of others. Teens will also get to
work closely with other experienced lifeguards and gain valuable knowledge. They also learn insights
related to water safety, effective communication, and working as part of a team.

Consider Being a Lifeguard This Summer
A lifeguard job can be fun and rewarding for teens. With the proper training and certification, lifeguarding
can help develop invaluable skills that will benefit them in the future.
Teens should consider signing up for lifeguarding courses and certifications today to take advantage of
these opportunities.
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