Backpack Hero Beginners Guide

Backpack Hero Beginners Guide

Embarking on your inaugural gaming journey can be exhilarating yet overwhelming, especially with a plethora of characters to choose from. Meet Purse, your ideal starting point – a character free from convoluted gimmicks, allowing you to dive straight into the essence of the game.

Backpack Hero Beginners Guide

As you set foot into the gaming realm, a divergent path lies before you. Unless you opt for the tutorial, where a seamless journey to the Crypt awaits you. Delve deeper into the subsequent section for a more comprehensive insight.

Choosing Purse as your maiden character provides a streamlined initiation, devoid of unnecessary complexities. Her straightforward approach allows you to immerse yourself in the game without being bogged down by intricate mechanics.


Upon entering the game, a pivotal decision awaits – the choice between two diverging paths. Should you opt for the tutorial, your expedition will seamlessly lead you to the Crypt, an essential starting point for all newcomers. Refer to the following section for a detailed exploration of this initial gameplay phase of Backpack.

In the grand tapestry of characters available, Purse emerges as the prime candidate for first-time players. Unencumbered by intricate gimmicks, her simplicity allows new players to acclimate to the game’s dynamics effortlessly.

The game introduces players to a critical decision at the outset – the bifurcated path. However, if you opt for the tutorial, the game ushers you seamlessly into the Crypt. For an in-depth understanding of this crucial juncture, refer to the subsequent section.


Navigating the vast array of characters can be daunting for new players. Purse, with her straightforward design and absence of special gimmicks, serves as the perfect entry point for those looking to familiarize themselves with the game.

As you embark on your gaming odyssey, a pivotal moment arises – the choice between two diverging paths. Unless you opt for the tutorial, in which case your journey automatically unfolds in the Crypt. For a more detailed exploration of this starting point, refer to the section below.

Selecting Purse as your initial character offers a smooth introduction to the game, allowing you to focus on mastering its fundamentals. Without the distraction of elaborate mechanics, new players can ease into the gaming experience seamlessly.


Upon entering the game, a critical decision awaits – the bifurcated path. Opting for the tutorial ensures a guided entry into the Crypt, an essential starting point for all beginners. Explore the subsequent section for a comprehensive overview of this introductory phase.

Backpack Hero Beginners Guide

Defensive Strategy:

  1. Preventing Damage: Prioritize minimizing damage by selecting armor pieces, especially helmets, to capitalize on passive effects like Block. This fortifies your defenses without depleting your energy reserves.
  2. Enemy Disruption: Make adversaries’ lives more challenging by incorporating items that hinder their abilities. Utilize accessories and weapons with status effects, such as Weak and Poison, to control encounters in your favor.
  3. Zero-Energy Items: Acquire items with zero energy cost or passive effects. Wands, particularly those with mana stones, become invaluable for beginners, as they operate on the alternative resource of “mana.”

Offensive Strategy:

  1. Mage Builds for Beginners: Embrace mage builds, leveraging the mana resource. Wands, when paired with mana stones, become a formidable choice for beginners, allowing them to delve into the game’s intricacies without overwhelming complexity.
  2. Healing Solutions: In the inevitable event of sustaining damage, prioritize items that restore health. Accessories like Seasoning, Bandages, Regenerative Whetstone, My First Wand, and the caution-worthy Vampiric Axe offer varying degrees of healing.
  3. Strategic Weaponry: Complement your arsenal with zero-energy weapons like shivs, delivering substantial damage to adversaries without draining your energy reserves.

Accessorizing Your Build:

  1. Defensive Accessories: Bolster your build with defensive accessories like gloves and shoes to enhance your overall defense. Balance is key, preserving your energy for pivotal moments in the dungeon.
  2. Debuff Infliction: Augment your offensive capabilities with items that inflict debuffs on enemies. From armor to accessories, ensure a versatile selection to adapt to different dungeon scenarios.
  3. Mage Build Essentials: Kickstart your mage build by prioritizing mana stones. Optionally, include Your First Wand and Broken Ring in your inventory to prolong your survival in the latter stages of the game.

In Summary:

Craft a robust defensive foundation with armor pieces and helmets, conserving your energy for crucial moments. Embrace zero-cost weapons and healing accessories while strategically incorporating debuff-inflicting items. Elevate your build with defensive accessories, ensuring a well-rounded approach to dungeon survival. Kickstart your mage build with mana stones and consider the optional inclusion of Your First Wand and Broken Ring for extended longevity.

Step-by-Step Backpack Hero Beginners Guide

Act 1: The Bramble

Delve into the subterranean world of The Bramble, a forested underground teeming with cunning thieves. Face off against notable adversaries:

  1. Bees: Introduce hazards, costing 1 to remove, hindering your items for two combats.
  2. Robber Raccoon: Stealthily pilfers your gold before making a quick escape.
  3. Hermit Crabs: Auto-block on every turn, making them a challenge to defeat.
  4. Vole: Unleashes a barrage of three attacks per turn, posing a considerable threat.

Bosses include:

  • The Bandit Lord: Begins with evasion, alternating between single and triple attacks.
  • The Crow Bandit: Possesses healing abilities, requiring swift elimination.
  • Rooster with a Bad Temper: Further details explored in “The Crypt” subsection.

The Crypt

Explore the dungeon-like ambiance of The Crypt, encountering additional challenges:

  1. Bees: Similar to those in The Bramble.
  2. Bomb Crabs: Wait for three turns before detonating, inflicting roughly 30 damage.
  3. Sable: Potent foes resembling the Vole but significantly stronger.

Bosses include:

  • The Queen Bee: Poisons and summons reinforcements every two turns, boasting the lowest health among bosses.
  • King Ferret: Summons rabbits every two turns.
  • Rooster with a Bad Temper: Detailed analysis under “The Crypt” subsection.

Act 2: Enchanted Swamp

Traverse the Enchanted Swamp, brimming with magical amphibians with lethal intent. Encounter nuisances such as:

  1. Salamander: High HP and poisonous, necessitating swift elimination.
  2. Newt: Adds spikes every two turns.
  3. Sage Frog: Exhibits healing abilities.
  4. Boastful Broadsword: Inflicts substantial damage unless strategically engaged.

Bosses include:

  • The Speaker: Summons allies on the first turn and subsequently.
  • Elder Mage: Summons weak plants, prioritizing them for elimination.

Deep Caves

Navigate the Deep Caves, encountering formidable adversaries and potential run-ending enemies:

  1. Red Slimes: Attack and create hazards at every turn.
  2. Blue Slimes: Tanky with Goo hazards.
  3. Sables: High-damage attackers with triple strikes.
  4. Armadillo: Blocks every turn, posing a challenge to defeat.
  5. Bats: Deal considerable damage, cannot be decreased, and may inflict poison.

Bosses include:

  • First Boss: Green lizard with strategic considerations.
  • Second Boss: Giant badger summoning reinforcements. Prioritize eliminating summons.

Act 3: Magma Core

Descend into the literal hell on Earth, the Magma Core, facing formidable foes like snakes, cobras, and fiery hazards. Encounter bosses with unique mechanics:

  1. Kitty Captain: Capable of hitting four times, gaining +1 Rage for each hit.
  2. Fire Geckos: Pose fire hazards and burn threats.

Bosses include:

  • The King: Gains haste and rage with each hit, summoning reinforcement rabbits.
  • Grandmaster: Sets you on fire continuously, escalating damage over time.

Frozen Heart

Explore the emotionally charged Frozen Heart area, facing challenges like enlightened cultists, chosen cultists, and formidable polar bears. Confront bosses with distinctive abilities:

  1. Enlightened Cultist: Adds Rage and attacks twice.
  2. Oath Breaker: Formidable enemies rarely encountered alone.
  3. Polar Bear: Adds significant hazards and packs a punch.

Bosses include:

  • Dark Lady: Two phases involving head-on attacks and summoning enlightened cultists.
  • Unnamed Scary Frog: Summons chosen cultists, escalating in numbers if not swiftly dealt with.

Successfully completing the game involves a mix of strategy, good luck, and adherence to the guide. Consider exploring alternative builds for added challenge and satisfaction, such as cleavers, berserkers, or archers. Happy gaming!


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