Avatar Frontiers of Pandora: Ikran guide

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora: Ikran guide

Ikran: Your Faithful Sky Companion in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora: Ikran guide

The majestic Ikran, a powerful flying reptile, is a loyal companion to the Na’vi people and a vital tool for traversing the vast and diverse landscape of Pandora. In Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, you too will have the opportunity to bond with an Ikran and soar through the skies, adding a whole new dimension to your exploration and adventure.

How to unlock access to Ikran?

Your journey to riding an Ikran doesn’t begin until the 11th main story mission, “Take Flight.” This mission unlocks after you’ve gained the trust of the Aranahe clan and integrated yourself into their community. The quest itself is unmissable, occurring directly after “The Missing Hunter” and “Eye of Eywa.”

Bonding with Your Sky-Steed:


Unlike other mounts, the Ikran requires a deeper connection than just taming. You must forge a bond with one of these magnificent creatures, a process that involves earning its trust and demonstrating your worth as a rider. This process unfolds through an engaging quest that immerses you in Na’vi culture and teaches you the art of Ikran bonding.

Beyond Flight:

Once you’ve earned your Ikran’s trust, the world of Pandora opens up in a whole new way. Soar through the vibrant biomes, discover hidden locations, and reach new heights. Your Ikran becomes an extension of yourself, allowing you to navigate the treacherous landscape with unparalleled agility and grace.


Essential Information:

  • Unlocks: During the “Take Flight” mission (11th main story mission)
  • Acquisition: Requires forging a bond with an Ikran
  • Benefits: Aerial exploration, fast travel, combat support
  • Key features: Powerful flight capabilities, unique control mechanics, diverse customization options

With your loyal Ikran by your side, the possibilities for exploration and adventure in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora are endless. So, prepare to embrace the skies and experience the breathtaking beauty of Pandora from a whole new perspective.

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