Anime Adventures Usoap (Timeskip) Evolution Guide

Anime Adventures Usoap (Timeskip) Evolution Guide

To evolve Usoap (Timeskip) in Anime Adventures, you will need to collect the following items:

  • 40 SMILE Fruit
  • 10 Star Fruit
  • 4 Star Fruit (Blue)
  • 3 Star Fruit (Red)
  • 2 Star Fruit (Pink)

Once you have collected all of the necessary items, you can evolve Usoap (Timeskip) by going to the Evolution Shrine and selecting the “Evolve” option.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Evolve Usoap (Timeskip)

  1. Go to the Evolution Shrine.
  2. Select the “Evolve” option.
  3. Select Usoap (Timeskip) from the list of units.
  4. Select the “Evolve” button.
  5. Confirm the evolution by selecting the “Yes” button.

Once you have confirmed the evolution, Usoap (Timeskip) will be evolved into Usoap (God).


Usoap (God) is a very powerful unit, and it is a valuable asset to any team. It is worth the effort to evolve Usoap (Timeskip) into Usoap (God).

Here are some tips for evolving Usoap (Timeskip):

  • Collect the necessary items early. The items required to evolve Usoap (Timeskip) can be difficult to obtain, so it is important to start collecting them early.
  • Be patient. Evolving Usoap (Timeskip) takes time and resources. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t have all of the necessary items right away.
  • Use the Evolution Shrine wisely. The Evolution Shrine is a valuable resource, so use it wisely. Only evolve units that you are sure you will use.

By following these tips, you can easily evolve Usoap (Timeskip) into Usoap (God).


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