Sea of Stars Wiki Walkthrough & Guides

Sea of Stars Wiki Walkthrough & Guides

Sea of Stars Wiki:- Sea of Stars is a retro-inspired turn-based RPG developed by Sabotage Studio. Serving as a prequel to the well-received game The Messenger, it unfolds within the same universe. The game is set to release on August 29, 2023, for PC and various consoles.

Credit:- Sabtoage

In Sea of Stars, players embark on a role-playing adventure as two Children of the Solstice, attempting to thwart an ancient evil that threatens the world. The game features a captivating narrative, combining epic and lighthearted elements. The turn-based combat system involves strategic choices and interactions, enhancing the gameplay experience.

The game’s visuals and design draw inspiration from classic RPGs, providing a nostalgic yet fresh feel. Sabotage Studio’s Kickstarter campaign for Sea of Stars gained attention, backed by their success with The Messenger. This upcoming title promises to deliver an engaging and visually appealing journey for fans of retro RPGs and The Messenger’s universe [1][2]


Playable Characters



Headmaster MoraineBrugaves
Elder Mist

Captain Klee’shaë


Enemies are creatures that attack the party throughout their journey in the Sea of Stars. They can be found in nearly every location.

BrugavesBotanical Horror
ErlinaChromatic Apparition
WyrdDweller of Torment
Ant BruiserElder Mist
Arcane SentryGiant Slug
ArenteeKunus’nuku Acolyte
Bile PileMalkomud and Salamander
Crystal Tulip (Bomb)
Mangler Fish
Woodland Spirit


Locations are various places that the party visits over the course of their adventure in Sea of Stars.

Evermist Island

Mooncradle Village
Zenith Academy
Forbidden Cavern
Mountain Trail
Elder Mist Trials

Evermist Island: This island is home to Mooncradle Village and Zenith Academy. It features various locations such as the Forbidden Cavern and the challenging Mountain Trail. The Elder Mist Trials also take place on this island.


Sleeper Island

X’tol’s Landing
Stonemasons Outpost
Wind Tunnels Mine
Coral Cascades
Port Town of Brisk
The Humble Boast
Abandoned Wizard’s Lab
Fishing Lake

Sleeper Island: This island includes X’tol’s Landing, the Moorlands, Stonemasons Outpost, and the Wind Tunnels Mine. These locations offer diverse environments and potential challenges. This island also features the picturesque Coral Cascades, the bustling Port Town of Brisk, and intriguing places like The Humble Boast and the Abandoned Wizard’s Lab.

Wraith Island

The First Stage of Grief
Cursed Woods
Flooded Graveyard
Necromancer’s Lair
Haunted Mansion
Fishing Lake

Wraith Island: This island holds Wraith Island itself, the enigmatic Lucent, and locations like The First Stage of Grief, Cursed Woods, Flooded Graveyard, Necromancer’s Lair, and the Haunted Mansion.

Watcher Island

Jungle Path
Docarri Village
Mossy Cache
Jungle Ruins
Amazon Temple
Torment Peak
Fishing Lake

Watcher Island: This island includes Watcher Island, the Jungle Path, Docarri Village, Mossy Cache, Jungle Ruins, Amazon Temple, Torment Peak, and a Fishing Lake. Each spot likely contributes to the island’s allure.



Great Archives
Halls of Cooperation
The Crypt
Water Temple
Sea of Nightmare

Miscellaneous: This category includes diverse locations like the Archipelago, Castle, Great Archives, Halls of Cooperation, The Crypt, Water Temple, and the enigmatic Sea of Nightmare. These spots may hold unique challenges and secrets.

Please note that some locations might require further exploration in the game to uncover their details.


Items are various collectibles that the party gathers while traveling through the world in Sea of Stars.

 Snacks Key Items Artifacts
 Ingredients Weapons Armor
 Trinkets Valuables Relics


SnackEffectDescriptionIngredientsBuying PriceSelling Price
Apple PieUnknownCrispy with a mouthwatering smell.Apple x1 Grains x1 Egg x1 Dairy x1UnknownUnknown
Basic SaladUnknownBoring but healthy.Lettuce x1 Tomato x1 Bell Pepper x1UnknownUnknown
Berry Jam+6 MP (Ally)Sweet and simple.Red Berry x55 G
BouillabaisseUnknownEven better when you don’t make it yourself.Tomato x2 Onion x2 Fine Fish x2 Seafood x2UnknownUnknown
Champion OmeletteUnknownGets you through the day with energy.Bell Pepper x3 Tomato x3 Onion x3<br>Egg x3UnknownUnknown
Chaudrée+8 MP (Ally)As good as the pepper you grind on it.Potato x2 Seafood x2 Dairy x118 G6 G
Herbed Filet+80 HP (Ally)Healthy and light.Fish x2 Grains x112 G4 G
Mooncradle Fish PieUnknownAn Evermist Island classic.Grains x1 Fish x2 Potato x3UnknownUnknown
Mushroom ScrambleUnknownMore fun to cook than it is to eat.Mushroom x1 Egg x1UnknownUnknown
Mushroom Soup+40 HP (Party)Hearty and comforting.Mushroom x6 Dairy x210 G
Peach StrudelUnknownDefinitely worth the hassle.Peach x1 Grains x1 Egg x1 Dairy x1UnknownUnknown
Roast SandwichUnknownThin slices of meat in a crispy baguette.Meat x1 Grains x1UnknownUnknown
SashimiUnknownAs fresh as food can be.Fine Fish x1UnknownUnknown
Shrimp YakitoriUnknownProof that simple can be good.Seafood x1UnknownUnknown
SouffléUnknownOverrated in both complexity and taste.Grains x1 Egg x1 Dairy x1UnknownUnknown
TartineUnknownFruit jam on toasted bread.Red Berry x1 Peach x1 Grains x1UnknownUnknown
TatakiUnknownNothing but top shelf ingredients.Fine Fish x1 Fine Meat x1UnknownUnknown
Tomato ClubUnknownUnbeatable when the tomatoes are just right.Grains x1 Lettuce x1 Tomato x1UnknownUnknown
Veggie SkewersUnknownNever gets old.Mushroom x1 Bell Pepper x1 Onion x1UnknownUnknown
Wild SaladUnknownFills you up in the healthiest of ways.Lettuce x1 Bell Pepper x1 Apple x1 Grains x1UnknownUnknown

Key Items

Key ItemDescriptionLocations
Blue CrystalExpertly carved to focus light beams.Abandoned Wizard’s Lab
Cookie JarFrom that time Garl snuck into Zenith Academy.Unlocked by default
Green CrystalExpertly carved to focus light beams.Abandoned Wizard’s Lab
Golden WatchInexplicably swallowed by a fish in the Wizard Lab.Abandoned Wizard’s Lab
Red CrystalExpertly carved to focus light beams.Abandoned Wizard’s Lab
Coral HammerA legendary hammer attuned to The Deep Blue.Unlocked by default


Mistral BraceletPress [Mistral Bracelet button] to create concentrated bursts of wind.Unlocked by default
Scroll of Bash DropTeaches combo attack Bash Drop.Abandoned Wizard’s Lab
SeashellMight interest a collector.Port Town of Brisk x2


IngredientDescriptionBuying PriceSelling Price
Bell PepperUnknownUnknownUnknown
DairyUseful to make dough and creamy dishes.6 G2 G
EggEasy to learn and hard to master, but always nutritious.9 G3 G
Fine FishUnknownUnknownUnknown
Fine MeatUnknownUnknownUnknown
FishFilleted from fresh fish.1 G
GrainsReliable base for carbo-hydrated meals.6 G2 G
LettuceCrisp and refreshing.1 G
MushroomUsually found in the corners of damp caverns. Nutty flavor.1 G
PotatoNourishing and easy to grow.3 G1 G
Red BerryCommon fruit. Juicy and ripe.1 G
SeafoodThe fresher the better.1 G
TomatoThe fruit you eat when the situation calls for vegetables.1 G


Zale’s Weapons

SwordDescriptionBuying PriceSelling PriceLocations
Silver BladeSharp and made of silver.13 GAbandoned Wizard’s Lab
Squire SwordFor those looking for a humble start.8 GEquipped to Zale by default
Training SwordMostly made of wood.5 GUnknown

Valere’s Weapons

StaffDescriptionBuying PriceSelling PriceLocations
Copper StaffSturdy and light.9 GEquipped to Valere by default
Teal Amber StaffHandmade by the Molekin stonemasons.12 GAbandoned Wizard’s Lab
Training StaffGood grip. Cheap materials.5 GUnknown

Garl’s Weapons

LidDescriptionBuying PriceSelling PriceLocations
Cauldron LidMakeshift weapon with sentimental value.7 GEquipped to Garl by default
Obsidian Cauldron LidA true work of art.UnknownUnknown
Rock LidRequires a firm grip.44 G11 GPort Town of Brisk


Garl’s Armor

ArmorDescriptionBuying PriceSelling PriceLocations
Adventurer’s VestThirty adventurers agree, this vest is the best.6 GEquipped to Garl by default
Basic ArmorPredictable in a good way.7 GUnlocked by default
Mage-Knight ArmorA ceremonial robe with magical properties.15 GAbandoned Wizard’s Lab
Pirate GarbProbably used.9 GPort Town of Brisk
Basic ApronOffers protection while cooking.UnknownUnknownUnknown
Docarri ArmorReasonably robust.90 GUnknownUnknown
Leather PauldronsDoesn’t cover much, but still better than no protection.UnknownUnknownUnknown
Pearlescent ApronPretty, and pretty sturdy.110 GUnknownUnknown


TrinketDescriptionBuying PriceSelling PriceLocations
Arcane AmuletMagic DEF +10.200 G50 GPort Town of Brisk
Green LeafMax HP +20.7 GAbandoned Wizard’s Lab
Leeching ThornUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Power BeltAttack Power +4110 G6 GPort Town of Brisk
Enchanted Chain-LinkStart combat with AP +1 available.Torment Peak
Lucent CrystalInitiating combat with a sneak attack creates double the boost charges.Docarri Village
Mage-knight ScarfRemove Physical Attack and convert 75% to Magic Attack. No SP regen after battle.Unlocked by default
Osmosis RingTiming blocks regenerates 2 SP per block.Unlocked by default

Party Trinkets

Party TrinketDescriptionBuying PriceSelling PriceLocations
AbacusShow non-boss enemies HP in combat.9 GEquipped to Garl by default
Eye of YomaraShows weaknesses and non-boss enemy HP in combat.888 G87 GPort Town of Brisk
Solstice Mage RingParty members recover 1MP when they time a block.125 GX’tol’s Landing


ValuableDescriptionSelling PriceLocations
Shiny GemLooks like it might fetch a decent price.330 GUnknown
Teal Amber OreValuable meant to be sold.35 GPort Town of Brisk


RelicDescriptionDetailsBuying PriceLocations
Adamant ShardUnknownRegular attacks time themselves automatically. Guarantees extra hits for lock-breaking, but reduces bonus damage from timing the hit by 50%.Unknown
Amulet of StorytellingFor those who prefer a lighter challenge.Max HP +100 and auto-heal up to 75% after combat.Unlocked by default
Artful GambitA mystical and dangerous relic. For the daring only.HP -95%. Enemies are invincible while casting. Timed blocks reduce damage to 1. Timed hits bonus damage x2.350 GPort Town of Brisk
Sequent FlareClearer confirmation for successful timed hits and blocks.Successfully timing hits and blocks causes a star flare to fly out of the character. Recommended for those preferring stronger feedback.Unlocked by default
Sixth SenseUnknownIn a shared state of higher focus, party members have a 35% chance to block incoming attacks. Safety layer that still allows the player to time blocks on their own.Unknown

Combat Gameplay Mechanics

Level UpSkills

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