The Ultimate Resource Guide for Looters – Survivors’ Battle

The Ultimate Resource Guide for Looters – Survivors’ Battle

In the post-apocalyptic realm of Looters – Survivors’ Battle, where survival hangs by a thread, resource management reigns supreme. These precious commodities, be it food, jewels, metal, wood, gasoline, or residents, form the very lifeblood of your shelter and serve as the bedrock for your survival journey. In this exhaustive guide, we embark on a journey through the vital resources, their acquisition methods, and strategies to maximize their utility.

Jewels: A Premium Currency Worth Its Weight in Gold

How to Obtain Jewels in Looters – Survivors’ Battle

Jewels, the premium currency of the game, can be acquired through either real-money transactions or earned as rewards for completing various tasks and missions. These glittering gems open doors to untold opportunities.


Where to Utilize Jewels in Looters – Survivors’ Battle

The versatility of jewels knows no bounds. They grant you access to an in-game store where you can purchase invaluable items, including equipment and resources. More importantly, they can be strategically employed to expedite upgrade processes within your shelter, giving you a substantial edge in your journey.

Food: Sustenance in a World on the Brink

How to Acquire Food in Looters – Survivors’ Battle


Food, an indispensable resource, can be garnered through various in-game activities such as successful raids on other shelters, active participation in shelter defense events, and the completion of tasks and objectives. Moreover, you can enhance your food stockpile by designating a Food Site facility within your shelter.

The Vital Role of Food in Looters – Survivors’ Battle

Food takes center stage as the key resource for upgrading your heroes, enhancing their attributes, and training your militias. These enhancements hold the key to your success in battles against zombies and rival survivors, making food an invaluable asset.

Resource Guide for Looters – Survivors’ Battle

Metal: Forging the Future

How to Procure Metal in Looters – Survivors’ Battle

Much like food, metal is abundantly available through a variety of in-game activities, including raids and shelter defense missions. You can collect metal as a reward for successfully completing these missions. Additionally, you can obtain metal by allocating a Metal Site facility within your Shelter, which further contributes to your resource accumulation.

Metal’s Pivotal Role


Metal plays a pivotal role in upgrading devices and conducting research within your shelter’s facilities. These advancements are vital for strengthening your shelter’s defenses, technology, and overall capabilities.

Wood: Building Blocks of Survival

How to Attain Wood in Looters – Survivors’ Battle

Wood, another frequently used resource, can be acquired through comparable in-game sources, such as successful raids and participation in shelter defense events. Additionally, you can obtain wood by designating a Wood Site facility within your Shelter, further bolstering your resource collection.


The Crucial Uses of Wood

The primary use of wood lies in installing and upgrading various facilities within your shelter. By investing in these upgrades, you fortify your shelter’s infrastructure, improve your resource production, and enhance your overall survival prospects.

Resource Guide for Looters – Survivors’ Battle

Gasoline: The Fuel for Progress

How to Secure Gasoline in Looters – Survivors’ Battle


Gasoline can be obtained through Scavenge missions, where you explore the game world and collect this valuable resource. It powers your journey through the post-apocalyptic landscape.

Gasoline’s Significance

This crucial resource serves as the lifeblood for entering raids and upgrading your headquarters (HQ). Accessing raids allows you to challenge other survivors, while HQ upgrades expand your influence and capabilities in the game world.


Resident: Strengthening the Ranks

How to Acquire Residents in Looters – Survivors’ Battle

Residents can be acquired by progressing through the game’s storyline and by looting safes during your adventures and battles. They are the beating heart of your shelter’s community.

The Role of Residents


Residents are instrumental in training militias and placing units on various facilities within your shelter. Strengthening your militias and defenses is essential for withstanding enemy attacks and maintaining the security of your shelter.

Resource Guide for Looters – Survivors’ Battle

Final Thoughts

Resources are the backbone of your survival and progress in Looters – Survivors’ Battle. These invaluable assets, from food to gasoline, are vital for your shelter’s well-being and development. Wise management is paramount to your success in this post-apocalyptic world.

While some resources are readily available through activities like raids and shelter defense, others may require careful planning and facility management. Premium currency and jewels offer versatility but should be spent judiciously. By mastering the acquisition and utilization of each resource, you’ll be better equipped to navigate this challenging world.


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