Ranger Build in Dark Envoy Wiki Guide Specialization Attributes & Skills

Ranger Build in Dark Envoy Wiki Guide Specialization Attributes & Skills

Are you in pursuit of the ultimate Ranger build in Dark Envoy, aiming to rain down destruction from a distance? Look no further. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve deep into the art of mastering the Ranger class, exploring the strongest specializations and skills available. The Ranger, true to its name, excels in ranged damage and displays remarkable mobility. With three distinct specializations at your disposal, you can transform into an agile shooter, a precision sniper, or a cunning trap-setting hunter. Each specialization has its merits, but one stands out as the prime choice. Join us as we uncover the best attributes, class skills, and specialization skills for the Ranger.

Ranger Build in Dark Envoy

The Ranger: A Consistent Ranged DPS

The Ranger stands as the most reliable ranged DPS unit in Dark Envoy, deriving its damage primarily from normal attacks and passive skills. To forge the most potent Ranger build, we advocate creating a Gunslinger with elevated Might and Speed attributes to maximize your DPS potential.


The foundation of a formidable Ranger build rests on two primary attributes: Might and Speed. Might empower you to unleash devastating damage, while Speed enhances your agility and allows you to wield your abilities with greater frequency.


For those who seek additional versatility, consider allocating extra points towards Power, which enhances your skill damage, or Endurance, fortifying your defensive capabilities.

Ranger Build in Dark Envoy

Best Ranger Class Skills

The quintessential Ranger class skills in Dark Envoy are tailored to augment auto-attack and area-of-effect (AoE) damage. Here are the standout skills:

1. Toxic Bomb

Throws a toxic bomb that inflicts high damage and delivers a lingering damage-over-time effect.


2. Wind Stance

Increases Attack Speed and, if activated again before its duration expires, elevates Critical Hit Chance.

3. Amplify Poison (Passive)

Inflicts additional damage on poisoned foes.

4. Phantom Roll

Swiftly dash away, leaving a spectral apparition to assail enemies at your original location.


5. Fire Rain

Unleash a volley of fiery arrows within a marked area.

The combination of Toxic Bomb and Amplify Poison serves as your primary damage-dealing skill, enabling you to efficiently dispatch groups of adversaries. Additionally, make frequent use of Wind Stance, as the heightened Attack Speed proves invaluable. Fire Rain excels as a dependable AoE damage skill, and Phantom Roll provides your escape route should foes encroach upon your position.

Best Gunslinger Specialization Skills

Among the Ranger’s specializations, the Gunslinger reigns supreme, offering an optimal blend of high damage output and exceptional mobility. Behold the finest Gunslinger specialization skills:


1. Concentrated Fire (Passive)

Gain Critical Hit Damage equivalent to your Critical Hit Chance.

2. Commando (Passive)

Enhances attack speed when wielding two weapons simultaneously.

3. Steely Resolve (Passive)

Temporarily bolster weapon damage for 30 seconds upon an enemy’s demise in close proximity.


4. Bullet Storm

Swiftly teleport to a designated location, continuously discharging bullets while enjoying 100% dodge chance.

5. Frag Grenade

Launch an explosive grenade, dealing substantial damage.

The synergy between Concentrated Fire, Commando, and Steely Resolve endows the Gunslinger with unparalleled damage potential, contingent upon a robust Critical Hit Chance and dual-wielding. Bullet Storm, in addition to its formidable AoE damage capabilities, serves as an effective teleportation skill, while Frag Grenade can be relentlessly deployed for supplemental damage.


In conclusion, the path to the supreme Ranger build in Dark Envoy leads to the Gunslinger specialization. Prioritize skills that elevate auto-attack and AoE damage, while ensuring you possess at least one skill for escaping precarious situations. If you found this guide illuminating, be sure to explore our guide on the best Warrior build in Dark Envoy with the best Research option for those who aspire to become an indomitable frontline tank. Mastery of the Ranger class awaits you.

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