Necrologist Build Reverse 1999 Character Profile, Skills & Inheritance, Team Composition

Necrologist Build Reverse 1999 Character Profile, Skills & Inheritance, Team Composition

A practitioner of mineral arcanism, Necrologist, takes on an extraordinary role within the annals of Reverse: 1999. As the curator of a sepulchral museum, she possesses a unique ability – the capacity to discern the voices of the departed. In a most unconventional capacity, she undertakes the solemn task of transcribing the final desires of these souls within the pages of the obituary column, diligently working to facilitate the realization of their posthumous wishes. In doing so, she bestows upon these lingering spirits the serenity they seek in the realms beyond.

Necrologist Build Reverse 1999
Release Date
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦
October 26th, 2023 (Global)
Support DPS

Necrologist Statistics

Basic Statistics
Base Lvl.
Max Lvl.
Insight I
Max Lvl.
Insight II
Max Lvl.
Insight III
Max Lvl.
 Real DEF92140234348410
 Mental DEF129195327488574
Special Statistics
AttributeDefaultInsight IInsight IIInsight III
 Crit. Rate8.5%9.6%10.7%11.9%
 Crit. DMG142.7%144.4%146.1%147.8%

Necrologist Skill

  • 【Timely Farewell】
    • ✦1-target attack. Deals 160% Mental DMG. This attack enjoys Penetration Rate +30%.
    • ✦✦1-target attack. Deals 240% Mental DMG. This attack enjoys Penetration Rate +30%.
    • ✦✦✦1-target attack. Deals 400% Mental DMG. This attack enjoys Penetration Rate +30%.
  • 【By the Coffin】
    • ✦1-target attack. Deals 200% Mental DMG
    • ✦✦1-target attack. Deals 250% Mental DMG and dispels all Stats Up and Pos Status statuses from the target.
    • ✦✦✦1-target attack. Deals 450% Mental DMG and dispels all Stats Up and Pos Status statuses from the target.
  • 【Whispers of the Deceased】
    • Mass buff. Inflicts 1 stack of Prayer on other allies and DMG Dealt +30% for them for 3 rounds. If a target already has Prayer, HP +(the caster’s ATK x100%) for the target.

Necrologist Inheritance

  • Insight IWhen the caster enters battle, enters Prayer status (only triggers 1 time).
Page of Mineral Wealthx6

Silver Orex5
Spell of Fortunex4
  • Insight IIDMG Dealt +8% when the caster enters battle.
Scroll of Mineral Wealthx8
Biting Boxx2
  • Insight IIIWhen a Prayer status on your side is dispelled, HP +(the caster’s ATK x50%).
Tome of Mineral Wealthx12

Incorrupt Monkeypawx5


Necrologist Portray

  • Lv.1Whispers of the Deceased’s effect changes to: DMG Dealt +40% for other allies.
  • Lv.2Timely Farewell’s effect changes to: Penetration Rate +40%.
  • Lv.3Whispers of the Deceased’s effect changes to: if target already has active Prayer, HP +(the caster’s ATK x 150%).
  • Lv.4By the Coffin’s effect changes to: at 1/2/3 stars, deals 220/280/500% Mental DMG.
  • Lv.5Whispers of the Deceased’s effect changes to: DMG Dealt +50% for other allies.

Best Psychubes for the Necrologist in Reverse 1999

In the realm of Reverse 1999, one’s choice of Psychubes can significantly impact the performance of the Necrologist. Among the myriad options available, there is one shining recommendation that stands above the rest—Her Second Life. This particular Psychubes not only enhances her capabilities but also enables the Necrologist to administer healing to her comrades with unparalleled versatility. This newfound power becomes most evident after she executes her Ultimate ability. When coupled with the augmenting effect of her third Insight, it grants her the remarkable ability to mend her allies’ wounds following their invocation of Prayer. With Her Second Life at her disposal, the Necrologist can seamlessly transform into a formidable healer and support, potentially rendering her team nigh invulnerable, depending on the nature of the adversaries they face.

The Best 5-Star Psychubes for the Necrologist

Among the constellation of 5-star Psychubes available to the Necrologist, one name outshines the rest—Laughter and Laughter. This extraordinary device serves as a vital catalyst for enhancing her already potent healing prowess. While equipped with Laughter and Laughter, the Necrologist experiences a significant boon, as she receives an immediate 3% increment in her healing potential at the commencement of each turn. This bonus has the capacity to stack, potentially resulting in an amplification ranging from 12% to 24%, contingent upon the Amplification level of the Psychubes. In addition, her damage reduction capabilities receive a substantial 10% augmentation, reaching its peak potential at level 60.


The Ultimate Necrologist Team for Reverse 1999

To assemble the optimal Team compositions in the tumultuous landscape of Reverse 1999, one must be attuned to the multifaceted role the Necrologist plays. She excels as an adversary debilitator, a defensive support, and a healer. Furthermore, she must consistently accumulate Moxie to unleash her Ultimate ability. Therefore, the most advantageous team compositions for the Necrologist in Reverse 1999 should include a judicious mix of talents, such as a non-gluttonous DPS like Regulus or Centurion, along with either a secondary damage dealer or a buffer/debuffer. For the role of the buffer/debuffer, my top recommendation would be either Bkornblume or Voyager, especially in more generalized team compositions. In scenarios where Centurion graces the team, An-an Lee emerges as the preferred choice. As for the fourth-team slot, I advocate the inclusion of an assertive healer or another primary DPS to maintain a harmonious equilibrium.

F2P Necrologist Team for Reverse 1999

For those adhering to a free-to-play strategy, a well-considered team composition centered around the Necrologist is of utmost importance. In this composition, the Necrologist assumes the role of healer and support, while Eagle takes on the mantle of the primary damage dealer. Door, on the other hand, serves as the main support and Moxie generator. Considering the guaranteed availability of 6-star characters, Regulus and Lilya emerge as impeccable choices to complement this composition. Given the Necrologist’s need for a dedicated healer, one more potent than herself, Eternity becomes an optimal choice only when paired with Dikke, who simultaneously fulfills the role of a top-tier sub-DPS.

Is Necrologist Worth Building ?


Necrologist fulfills the roles of a buffer, a healer, and a supportive carry simultaneously. With the right configuration, she possesses the capability to render your team virtually invulnerable. Furthermore, she offers a distinctive ability to dispel [Stats Up] and [Status Neg] through her skill “By The Coffin.” At Portray level 5, the damage dealt augmentation provided by “Whispers of the Deceased” increases by a remarkable 50%, ranking it as the most substantial in the entire game.

Necrologist ‘s effectiveness is confined to a select few team compositions due to her pronounced inclination towards consuming action points (AP). Her performance is subpar if she is unable to frequently employ her ultimate ability. To fully unlock her potential, she depends heavily on acquiring Portrays for the coveted +DMG Dealt enhancements at Portray levels 1 and 5. It’s important to note that she does not offer healing support unless your allies possess the [Prayer] attribute, which renders Necrologist teams a precarious proposition, dancing on the precipice of mortality.

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