Black Friday Bed Deals And Sale 2020: Zinus Upholstered Bed Review

Black Friday Bed Deals And Sale 2020: Zinus Upholstered Bed Review

Zinus provides one of the most affordable bedding essentials that could easily fit your needs and pocket as well. This bed frame is simple yet gives stability to the room. Easy to carry around and to be moved to another place. These frames are self-supporting and accommodate foam mattresses too. By the way, black friday mattress deals 2020 is also going. The bed frames come in all standard sizes – Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King – from as low as 5 inches to as high as 18 inches. 

Why Zinus Bed Frames Are Good To Buy?

This bed frame is ideal for a clean and minimalist look. Zinus beds are available in several sizes and styles to match the size and decoration of your bedroom. Some of the models come with a headboard and/or footboard. The elevation is enough to create storage space underneath for boxes and bins. Bed bath beyond black Friday 2020 also has some great deals to check out.


The assembly is no pain literally. You can easily assemble the bed frame and get it done within 10 to 15 minutes. Quick disassembly makes it convenient to move it from one place to another. The bed is absolutely budget-friendly without tampering with the quality. Black Friday bed sale is convenient online order and ships directly to your provided address. Offers a warranty and a good return policy for all of its products. 

The metal is heavy for support and makes it really sturdy and usable for years. So, the bed is actually very easy to build and looks great too. Materials are good and easy to assemble.  Instructions for assembly were simple and straightforward.


  1. Knitted Polyester
  2. Classic styling and strong closely spaced wood slat support
  3. Dark grey upholstery with Diamond stitching. Mattresses will be sold separately
  4. Available in Twin, Full, Queen, and King with a Worry free 5 year limited warranty


  • Core Composition: Wooden slats and Steel Frames
  • Fabric: Knitted Polyester
  • Dimensions and Weight:
  • Full: 75.5″ X 54″ X 14″, 75.4 lb
  • Queen: 80.5″ X 60″ X 14″, 79.6 lb
  • King: 80.5″ X 76″ X 14″, 90.8 lb
  • Clearance Space: 7
  • Headboard Height: Full & Queen – 40.7 / King – 39.5
  • Headboard Width: 63.4

Zinus Shalini Upholstered Diamond Stitched Platform Bed / Mattress Foundation is a good bed compared to other ones at the same price range. The frame is solid and sturdy. The headboard and base is actually very beautiful and stylish. The black legs, closely-spaced slat support, and sleek framework have created this bed looks more expensive than it actually is.

The assembly process is very easy and app the parts are packed in a proper zipped compartment. The Shalini bed frame provides really good support with steel frames and wooden slats. Enjoying a good sleep with this bed in the black Friday bed sale is quite easy.


The slat spacing is 3.15 inches, which is perfect for reliable support. It also offers a moderate storage room with 7 inches of clearance space. Storing medium-sized plastic bins is also a good option with this. The support is important because it determines the quality and gives an idea of how well the frame can hold up over time.


  1. Very good option for this much amount of money
  2. Easy to assemble (30 minutes)
  3. Looks good, feels good and they fit it into an incredibly small box
  4. Bedding is comfortable enough to contour every body type
  5. Perfect height to roll out easily
  6. Usable for years
  7. All tools required for assembly are included in the box


  1. Side legs get into the way
  2. The feet in the middle seems to be a design flaw

Why upholstered beds are good?

Spending a huge amount of money does not always provide functionality and relaxation, so here are some tips before buying an upholstered bed from the black Friday bed sale 2020.

  1. Look for the price range according to its design, size and other features.
  2. Fabric beds are tough to maintain, so pick the design that has no risk of tearing.
  3. Make sure to try bed from various designs like freestanding, fixed, wood-framed, straight, wingback, and tufted.
  4. See all the advantages and disadvantages of the upholstered beds. Reading reviews can be a good option.
  5. They add style to your bedroom and turns up a boring and traditional looking room into a stylish one without putting so much effort.
  6. Beds available in the black friday deals 2020 are affordable and cost-saving but still buy your ideal one after doing the research part.
  7. They are space efficient for smaller rooms.

How do you clean upholstered beds?

Treat stains as soon as possible. To treat the greasy stain, let the oil-soaked with baby powder for half an hour. Brush it away with a soft brush. Now, use mild detergent and water. And, to remove pet hair, use a good quality vacuum cleaner. Use the upholstery brush of your vacuum cleaner to remove any dust, debris, and hair. Use a scented linen spray to spritz the headboard.

Final Words:


So if you have not yet decided which Zinus upholstered bed is a good buy, then the Zinus Shalini Upholstered Diamond Stitched Platform Bed will surely give you the premium comfort and style you exactly need. Just check it out online and order right away to secure an item for you. Every platform bed is designed for optimum support for any memory foam, spring or latex mattress so you can rest in style knowing that we’ve got your back.

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