Affliction League Guide (PoE 3.23 Affliction League Explained)

Affliction League Guide (PoE 3.23 Affliction League Explained)

Welcome, fellow Path of Exile enthusiasts, to this in-depth guide dedicated to the captivating Affliction League. This brand-new league introduces a unique mechanic with the potential to revolutionize your gameplay and propel you to new heights of power and mastery.

Affliction League Guide

Affliction League Guide

The Affliction League beckons brave adventurers to explore the enigmatic Viridian Wildwood, a realm brimming with wisps and shrouded in mystery. As earlier said, this guide serves as your compass, navigating the twists and turns of this captivating league mechanic.

Embrace the Power of Whisps:


As you embark on your journey through the Wildwood, wisps are your vital companions. These ethereal entities empower monsters within your maps, granting them newfound abilities and challenges. But be warned, for these wisps also unlock a powerful all-new Wildwood Ascendancy class, awaiting those who gather enough.

Seek the Azmeri Wanderers:

Deep within the Wildwood reside the Azmeri Wanderers, enigmatic figures who act as both vendors and quest-givers. Trade your accumulated wisps for valuable items and embark on quests that unlock the potential of the Wildwood Ascendancy.


Maximizing Your Gains:

As this guide is a pre-launch premonition, the strategies and information presented are based on publicly available details. Expect refinements and adjustments as GGG may implement changes before and after the league’s launch. Therefore, adapt your strategies based on the evolving landscape of the Affliction League.

Prepare for Adventure:


The Viridian Wildwood awaits your exploration. Armed with this guide and your unwavering spirit, unravel the secrets of the Affliction League, conquer the empowered foes, and claim the ultimate prize – mastery over the Wildwood Ascendancy!

Sacred Wisps

Affliction League Guide

As you embark on your odyssey through the Affliction League, keep an eye out for the captivating Sacred Wisps. These enigmatic entities stand as gateways to the Viridian Wildwood, a realm teeming with secrets and challenges. Interact with a wisp, and it will create a temporary portal, beckoning you to explore its hidden depths.

However, remember that the Viridian Wildwood is not a static landscape. Each time you enter through a wisp-created portal, you will find a completely new and dynamically generated world awaiting your exploration. This ensures that your adventures within the Wildwood remain fresh and exciting, constantly offering discoveries and encounters.


Your time within the Viridian Wildwood is precious, as the portal created by the Sacred Wisp will eventually close. Therefore, make the most of your exploration, gathering valuable resources, uncovering hidden secrets, and battling formidable foes.

The Darkness

PoE 3.23 Affliction League Explained

As you venture into the depths of the Viridian Wildwood, a chilling darkness engulfs your surroundings. This pervasive force is both friend and foe, offering both challenges and opportunities in equal measure.

Your Sacred Wisp acts as a beacon in this encroaching darkness, slowly pushing back the shadows and illuminating the path ahead. As you explore, the wisp’s power fuels the revelation of the surrounding terrain, exposing hidden dangers and potential rewards.


But not all that lies within the darkness is hostile. Keep your eyes peeled for shimmering trails left by other wisps, for they lead to captivating encounters with Azmeri Wanderers, powerful bosses, or special areas brimming with secrets. These encounters offer opportunities to unlock new Ascendancy classes, acquire valuable resources, and unravel the mysteries of the Wildwood.

Trails of Wisps

Follow these wisp trails, and they will reveal Wanderers, formidable bosses, or special areas brimming with secrets. Engaging with these encounters unlocks vital progress in the Wildwood, granting you access to new Ascendancy classes, powerful items, and the secrets the forest holds.

But these trails are more than mere guides. Your primary goal within the Wildwood is to gather the wisps themselves, for they hold immense power. As you traverse through the trails, the wisps are automatically collected, enriching your reserves. Additionally, vanquished monsters within the Wildwood may leave behind wisps for you to collect.


There exist three distinct types of wisps: Primal, Wild, and Vivid. Each type aligns with a specific Wanderer and grants unique benefits to monsters within your map upon collection. Understanding the effects of each wisp type and prioritizing your collection strategy will be crucial in maximizing your gains within the Wildwood.

Wisp Empowerment

Upon leaving the Viridian Wildwood, the wisps you’ve meticulously collected are unleashed into your map, empowering the monsters within. This infusion of energy grants these creatures increased strength and resilience, making them formidable foes.

Each monster in your map, or those that spawn later, has a chance to be empowered by one of the three wisp types: Primal, Wild, and Vivid. The more wisps of a particular type you possess, the greater the chance that monsters will be imbued with its power.


Empowered monsters not only deal increased damage and take less damage, but they also offer improved rewards. These enhancements vary depending on the type of wisp that empowered them:

  • Primal Wisp: Enhances item rarity, increasing the chance of encountering valuable loot.
  • Wild Wisp: Enhances item quantity, showering you with a plethora of drops.
  • Vivid Wisp: Enhances currency item drops, enriching your coffers with valuable coins.

Wildwood Ascendancies

Wildwood Ascendancies

Wildwood Ascendancies are new and powerful additions to Path of Exile: Affliction. They grant players a choice of one of three new Ascendancies that can be taken on top of their normal class Ascendancy. These Ascendancies greatly increase a character’s power, grant access to new types of equipment, and increase the quantity found of a specific Wisp type.

Here are some key points about Wildwood Ascendancies:

  • Requirements: You can access Wildwood Ascendancies by encountering Azmeri Wanderers within the Viridian Wildwood.
  • Ascendancy Points: You can acquire Ascendancy Points by completing quests and killing minibosses and bosses in the Viridian Wildwood.
  • Number of Points: You can earn a total of 8 Ascendancy Points.
  • Variety: There are three different Wildwood Ascendancies to choose from
  • Power: Wildwood Ascendancies significantly increase your character’s power.
  • Wisps: Each Wildwood Ascendancy increases the quantity found of a specific Wisp type.
  • Equipment: Certain Wildwood Ascendancies grant access to new types of equipment.

Wildwood Ascendancies are a powerful addition to Path of Exile: Affliction that can greatly increase your character’s power. If you’re looking to take your character to the next level, be sure to check out these new Ascendancies

Spending Wisps

The Azmeri Wanderers are not only guides through the corrupted Viridian Wildwood; they also act as vendors for your hard-earned Wisps, offering unique and powerful rewards in exchange. Each Wanderer specializes in trading a specific type of Wisp for a distinct item:



The Warden of Eaves, a master of the Maji, trades Vivid Wisps for Tinctures – a new flask type exclusive to the Warden of the Maji Ascendancy. These Tinctures grant passive bonuses while active, enhancing your equipped weapons. Only one Tincture can be active at a time, but you can equip and swap between multiple, tailoring your buffs to specific encounters.

Itemized Corpses:

The Breaker of Oaths, a skilled hunter, offers itemized corpses in exchange for Wild Wisps. These unique corpses, unavailable through normal means, can be consumed to summon previously unobtainable monsters as Spectres. Alternatively, the Warlock of the Mists’ “Ravenous” skill utilizes these corpses to gain potent damage bonuses against specific boss types like Eldritch. Beware! Once your itemized corpse Spectre falls, you’ll need to acquire another from the Breaker.



The Primal Huntress, a master of nature, trades Primal Wisps for Charms – powerful additions to the Wildwood Primalist Ascendancy. Each Charm holds two mini versions of notable passives from existing class Ascendancies. These affixes offer incredible potential, making certain Charms highly sought after. Be sure to stay informed about coveted Charm affixes to maximize your gains!

The Wildwood holds many mysteries beyond these initial offerings. Explore further and forge relationships with the Azmeri Wanderers to unlock even greater rewards and unlock the full potential of the Affliction League.


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