When Will Rell Seas Come Out? Release Date & Time

When Will Rell Seas Come Out? Release Date & Time

Excited to dive into the world of Rail Siege? It’s no surprise! Ever since its announcement, this ultra-popular Roblox anime game has been the talk of the town. But the burning question remains: when will Rail Siege make its grand debut?

If you’re eager to know the official release date of Rail Siege, then keep reading! This guide will keep you updated with all the insights gathered from the magnificent minds behind Shindo Life. Here’s everything you need to know!

Update as of April 3, 2024: RELLsin posted on X: “The final teaser has been dropped, and Movie 2 is on the horizon. Movie 2 will announce the release date of the game. We’re enjoying the journey of game development. Keeping the gates open with the community rather than gatekeeping and inspiring developers along the way.”


Roblox Rail Siege Release Date and Time – Countdown Timer

The release date of Rail Siege is yet to be confirmed, but it’s expected to be sometime in 2024. Initially, Rail Games, the developers, planned to release the Roblox game inspired by the One Piece anime within the first two quarters, but the delay has pushed it to September.

The countdown timer below assumes that Rail Siege will arrive on June 1, 2024 – however, it’s essential to remember that this date is speculative. We’ll adjust the timer in response to any new developments or announcements from the developers.


Why is Rail Siege taking so long to come out?

So, what’s the deal with the delay in Rail Siege? Essentially, developers are making every effort to steer clear of potential legal issues associated with character models, weapons, bosses, and transformations that bear resemblance to copyrighted material. This step follows the aftermath of the My Hero Academia x GameFam debacle, which raised significant questions about the future of anime games. It implies that separating Rail Siege, an intellectual property (IP) game, from appropriate licensing or the IP it’s originally inspired by would require significant redevelopment.

Why has there been a delay in the Rail Siege release date?


Consequently, Rail Games has been “forced” to effectively “alter” their character models, weapons, bosses, and transformations to avoid potential DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) strikes and takedowns due to lack of licensing. As a result, there’s been a considerable delay in the release date of Rail Siege. However, there’s some good news amidst the delay. Developers are providing regular updates, confirming that “there’s not much to change,” indicating that Rail Siege is not being neglected!

While the beta testing phase hasn’t commenced yet, developers are actively testing the game themselves. We hope that the closed-beta testing phase for Rail Siege will take at least 30 days, with a possible extension of 2-3 months, pushing the expected release to September 2024.

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